1. I've tried getting into it for four different playthrough attempts now. I always manage to drop it from boredom before I'm even level20. My opinion, which I know some may not like, it's easily the most boring RPG I've ever played. It feels like a walking-sim. I'm also not fond of how clunky the games combat animations are. I know I didn't get far into the store but from what I have played, and from what friends have described to me, the story is very mid, at best.

  2. I've played D2 since it's original release, I've gambled every time I have over 500k. I've never seen a unique from gambling..

  3. It's fairly easy to get a gull dagger, you'll need 500k to 1million gold and 30+ minutes in my experience. That's the only unique I had got (several times) until today.

  4. Don't know if I've ever tried going for dagger but I'll give it a try and see if I can manage to find something. I need at least one for the damn achievement.

  5. Cause the Patriots is a fascist organization, hellbent on world domination and Big Boss is the only one attempting to stop them. Solid barely even knows who they are.

  6. But I dont think is major objective is stop the Patriots... In fact, Big Boss gets benefits for war so... Who cares who he fight against?

  7. He willingly allows himself to die after killing Zero. That tells me his only goal was to stop the Patriots, otherwise him willingly getting Foxdie is just pointless and meaningless.

  8. The Dark Souls Trilogy is the best Fromsoft has and probably will ever make.

  9. DS2 has bad hitboxes. I platinumed Vanilla DS2, but if you think

  10. I've platinumed all three games. Stuff like what you posted, getting clipped off an animation literally happens in all three games.

  11. Personally, the Dark Souls Trilogy is the best FS has to offer. Yes, including 2. So if you were asking me, I'd suggest DS1,2&3 in release order.

  12. My issue wasn't that they were difficult. My issue was after killing one of them the other would glitch and fly off into the sunset never to seen or heard from again. Literally took like 9 forced resets just to get him to stay in the fucking arena.

  13. I'd rather see DS1 & 2 get the DemonsSouls level of remaster, then a remaster of DS3. It's already a beautifully polished game. The other two need more love.

  14. Clearly, you're the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen.

  15. DS2 has some of the best DLC content of FS, and there isn't a single picture in there of it...

  16. When is 1.20 suppose to release for console, I want my pink trees damnit...

  17. I'm pretty sure this is also taking into account all the Forbidden West fans that review bombed it.

  18. You're looking at a sealed copy. Most old games (new) will cost more. Look for a used copy and I'm pretty sure it'll be around 20$ if not less.

  19. The only build I've ever seen work with Gris's Legacy is by putting all -5-5 lightning facets in them and going FoHs.

  20. About four months ago I found a sealed copy of Phantasy Star Online for the OG Xbox for 10$ at Walmart. Thought it was too good to pass up.

  21. I don't know any LGBT friendly clans, sadly, I mostly just play solo.

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