1. It's not quite that simple, lol! Per the SEC 8-K "NASDAQ staff will provide written notification that the Company has regained compliance if the bid price of the the Company's common stock closes at $1.00 per share or more for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days."

  2. Welp… I would like to say thank you to the fine gentlemen that purchased enough shares to make us eek out a close at exactly $1.00 🫡 Hopefully day 2 closes good too.

  3. UPDATE: We have reached $1 we can now resume normal programming…. 📈

  4. Old metal clip boards like the ones your teacher used to have in gym class, works like a charm for me anytime I need to get through a locked gate…

  5. Will we be able to have information about our children’s teachers and who is there based on these weird credentials? I ask because last year when some ex-military guy was invited in to speak to my daughter’s career class the shitbird proceeded to tell them some misogynistic right wing bullshit he got from Prager U and told them they should all go that YouTube channel and get educated. I’m watching that shit like a hawk this coming school year and I intend to name and shame as public as possible any hint of this right wing poison trying to infest our schools. And I want to know if I’ve got some hack ass grunt in there I need to be extra on.

  6. Out of curiosity, no judgement. What was the “misogynistic right wing bullshit” that you’re referring to? Like what did he say? Because I gave a speech to a school recently and had to submit a copy of it to be “reviewed for facts” before I was allowed to talk.

  7. The guy was there to talk about his aerial photography career but instead decided to tell everyone that women make less than men purely because of their own poor career choices. He cited Prager U and told the students they should visit their website. I went and looked at what he’s referencing and essentially they are saying that the historical low pay for careers that women oversample in is a result entirely because they have been “choosing” to only be teachers and other underpaid careers. Ignoring the plain history of women being shut out of higher paying jobs and even the education to obtain them. It’s more attempts to erase our oppressive pasts as a way to provide continuing cover for the SOBs that continue to personally benefit from that systemic pressure.

  8. Oh okay, thank you. I’m not gonna argue the validity of his argument or anything but maybe he was trying to say “pick this it’s a high paying area compared to this other job” or something like that just trying to think outside the box. But thanks for the quick reply!

  9. Copy understood the earmarking, financial aspects of public projects/budgets was just unclear as to if they had already raised an amount or something of that nature that you explained in the 2nd half of your post. I was more of looking for the answer to what you gave in the second paragraph of your post so I appreciate that.

  10. Universities and money is a really complicated situation and it often makes for what appear to be really stupid decisions. Mine somewhat recently spent a ton of money on landscaping and everyone was upset. But the reality is that is what the money was allocated for and we either spent it or we'd lose it.

  11. A $5 share price would put the market value of ASTR at 60% of RKLB.

  12. I was speaking purely on a emotional side of things as I have quite a few options where anything over $5 is a good/worthwhile investment for me.

  13. Oh silly me, no one told the police officer hired at the school, with the weapons, that he was supposed to protect the children. Now that we have firmly told them, now it will be fine. And a guy you talked to told you he will just use his hand to hand combat skills against military grade rifles. Why didn't you just say that? /s

  14. I never said it was correct I just said that’s how he got out of the criminal charges… he could rot in hell for all I care…. And it wasn’t just a guy I talked to I have met with lots of these individuals as it pertains to my job they are mostly all dedicated to enriching the lives of troubled students as well as protecting the school. You’re obviously not willing to have a constructive conversation here… I doubt you have ever tried to hit a moving target at 25 yards with a hand gun, it’s harder than you think.

  15. I'm really sorry for your loss and my dripping sarcasm. Seriously. I am gutted by this and it keeps happening and I keep being gutted. I have two young sons and it is terrifying. My sarcasm is not helpful but I guess it's better than sobbing. I apologize for how I came across. Everything just seems so bleak today but that's not your fault.

  16. I appreciate your response, there is common ground between us on some of your solutions and we differ on others as to be expected. But I appreciate the thought put into your ideas I whole heartedly agree with your ideas on maternity leave, school councilors, and affordable housing. I wish we as a society could simply tell these companies “this is what we require, if you don’t offer it you will not find any career employees” but it doesn’t exactly work that way…. where we differ there is still common ground but just different ideas of how we get there. -thanks for the discussion, as a nation and a community we have to do more listening, less talking at each other and more talking with each other.

  17. Came here to say this, if I had an award I’d give you one..

  18. Sometimes you can go into read only on your phone while it’s loading, it will bypass the wall if it’s a pop up.

  19. It takes it out of the federal government and leaves it as a state right to choose, allowing for that state to conform to its constituents. It may be legal in California but not Utah for example..

  20. Okay so I wasn’t going to touch this one because it’s complex but I’ll give it a shot and try to cover this accurately, realistically and fairly. Let me know what you all think.

  21. Buying a hundred shares every 5 ¢ just to help lower my average

  22. Thank you for not posting something political! Can’t we all just get along and not talk about how the other side is “racist or fascist” or some other buzz word. If I had an award to give you I would!

  23. Tint your windows just like you would your car, it’s a game changer.

  24. Hopeful that ASTRA can successfully scale as quickly as they were hoping, while maintaining a decent level of quality control. If their launch system is as portable as it was sold to be, imagine it being shipped to Europe to launch EU spy satellites ect...

  25. Also a few statements about how they intend to fill the gaps left by the Russia/Ukraine export of space quality parts through the use of their 100% US based production facility.

  26. I think we need one more successful launch to push above $5, a broken clock is right twice a day. They need to prove it wasn’t an accident. Full disclosure, my options could also use that number to be as north of $6 as possible...

  27. Had a buy order for another 100 shares in just prior to the live, before it could process they went live. I hope I don’t get stuck with something too high 😅😅

  28. I'm not sure how many of us watched Biden's state of the union, but he actually discussed cancer for a minute, and the trend we're on of cancers progressively becoming much, much more treatable with a diagnosis being less of a death sentence every year. I think it's unambiguously terrific and I'm excited to see where things go.

  29. Shameless plug: look into Atossa Therapeutics in regards to breast cancer treatment, I feel the more people that know about this drug the more likely it is not to be pushed to the side. Resulting in more families staying intact with their loved ones.

  30. Thanks for asking this. At the risk of being mocked, I’m going to answer your question. Currently invested in;

  31. fellow JAGX holder here... it has nowhere to go but up right? .......

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