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  1. Apparently she put in the December calendar that I will start at 12:30 now instead of 12:00pm. And all this time I was there 12:00 on the dot. Because she never informed me and via our verbal agreement its 12:00pm. So I was really annoyed and just never said anything. I still come to work and just leave 10 minutes early so the travel time will be an 1 hour instead of 1.5 hours.

  2. Talk with Alberta labour standards. She can’t just arbitrarily change your time sheet. If she says start at 12 and you are there then you started at that time. She sounds like a bad person to work for! Get out of there!

  3. Yes and no one is pointing that she is paying us less hours. Like she will clock us out at 6:45pm but I know some of my coworkers will leave at 7pm but its still 6:45. Or worse 6:30!

  4. It’s my own place, my own personal space. So I do what I want to do (legal stuff) of course hahaha. Nothing to hide plus I want to be comfortable. Not my problem if they see something they don’t like. Just walk away man.

  5. I now want to see what the dude who drives this looks like, it’s gotta match the stupidity 😅

  6. I wish! I was in a Uber on the way home. Alas no pic

  7. Hahaha legit was rolling on the pavement

  8. Go read a book, take a nap, play outside with friends, study?

  9. REACH Edmonton. An NGO who slogans making our community safe especially for visible minorities. 2 years ago got fired with no adequate reason and told me they will give me extra month severance pay if I signed an NDA. Didn’t sign it by the way. Now I think there are only 2 minority out of 15 employees. So sketchy

  10. Why wear a tactical vest size S? No 2XL?

  11. And when it's over, he can help clean up the balloons for disposal :)

  12. Hahahaha nooo we will be reusing them since my first cat is turning 3 as well at the end of the month 🔥

  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/kHy3oajUgi4Ga0rAEY

  14. I consider myself as a “Dolphin” roughly spent $2000 since 1.2 and I was a university student that time. Now I’m a tutor. Haha. It was worth every penny though. Zhongli 💔

  15. He is so cute, what's up with that muddy looking water tho

  16. Oh I have some of that stuff too. I'd take him if I lived in the province, have you tried local Facebook pet groups?

  17. She is!! She is half Albino which I didn’t know can be possible

  18. Because they never been/lived outside the country. They should try living in a 3rd World Country or Developing Country and let’s see how privilege living in Edmonton can be.

  19. Being her to the vet if you haven’t, if the injuries are bad get her euthanized

  20. Oh my work already did thats why she had no front left limb. It got amputated

  21. Where are you? I've currently been looking for a hamster, and I have experience with special needs animals.

  22. Canada. I want to adopt this hamster.

  23. What stuff do I need? I have an extra cage and everything whenever I sleep over at my mom’s place I bring my hedgehog. So she might be using a silent wheel the one without ridges in it of course. The bedding I’m thinking of getting Beco something. Just wondering if there is any stuff I needed to buy or special order. Thanks a lot

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