1. These videos are always so unfair. The boys are competing against a professional food team who bought the ingredients with a plan for them. Where as the boys are surprised with a shopping bag and no time to plan.

  2. Yeah, they should at least get 5-10 mins to plan and then get 30 mins to execute. Ben just about finished and knew the recipe!

  3. It does feel like the Sidekick app. 1) mush dish 2) a pleasant vegetable tart 3) soup 4) a gross ingredient like blue cheese that no one wants

  4. Yeah none of those dishes excited me at all. I remember seeing the two new packs this week and thought... Well I'll cook something else then!

  5. I just had a really great tug zinking about your muzzer

  6. Those animations were pretty terrible, I hope the website lived up to its name and they only paid a fiver for them...

  7. Annoys me personally. Although I can't say I felt sorry for the ones who under declared their income and then when covid came they got their support based on their fudged income.

  8. No, they likely won't check or even care if you have a licence or not.

  9. They did a licence check via DVLA in my last company. They also asked me to prove I have insurance that covers business use even though I never used it for business.

  10. I find adding business insurance adds very little to my policies, much much less than the car allowance adds to my take home pay.

  11. Cooking genuinely healthy meals (keeping to a calorie target as well as balancing macros). Bonus if they make it for low cost and/or have it plug to a sidekick pack... I really just want them to make healthier packs but we can wish 😂

  12. LOVED fhe “cooking out of each other’s fridges” format… this should be a regular thing! But maybe add an old-school twist like rotating stations?

  13. I felt bad that they had to bring in the food. Imagine shopping for the week and if you'd planned it out and suddenly you see Barry cooking with your ingredients and having to go shopping again 😂

  14. NAL legally they can't make you. You choose what you do with your home that you buy.

  15. Pastry_Ell is right on all points. For many recipes if you double or half it, you won't notice a difference but sometimes you can and it can make a big difference. And since a written recipe needs to be reliable, sometimes they just don't have the option to do that easily. That said, sometimes I need 3 servings and I will just scale it for that, or for certain meals I can see that a serving is a Jamie serving and I know that 2 is good enough for 3 of us. In a worst case it makes hot lunches for us for the next day or for a lucky person for 2 days.

  16. Not sure why on this one. There are a lot of packs that do allow but it's become more common recently.

  17. When you've spent the last 30 mins refolding every jumper on a table. Finishing off the last few and some old fart decides to check out every one by unfolding them and then scrunching them back on the table.

  18. So Binotto only has to give a month's notice yet me some random finance person had to give 3 months to leave my last job!

  19. The joys of a 3 month notice period is that you get all your work done in the first two and then just enjoy the least stressful period of your career for the final month.

  20. All good until you realise you're losing a lot of money each month vs what you would be on!

  21. I tend to manage to halve anything they state. There's also some I can completely eliminate.

  22. 2% in March. Inflation was running around 5-6% I believe. I asked for more given the cost of living and they waited until September to announce another 2% effective October.

  23. That's what I do. I do it for pretty much all recipes but some work more than others.

  24. One of those things you put in the newsletter as an "unpopular opinion" piece

  25. Personally thought the rice cooker would've been good to see the porridge element. Making rice is commonly known. It does take a long time though. Even longer than my £20-25 rice cooker which I find to take a long time - definitely compared to stove. Porridge would be interesting given 2 mins in a microwave does me!

  26. I think the reason it was overcooked on the bottom was because they left it on the warming setting for 17 minutes. They should’ve stopped it as soon as the cooking was done

  27. Probably. It's a relatively cheap rice cooker so don't expect the keep warm to be perfect. Mine is cheaper but bigger and I personally switch off when done to stop it sticking. That's mainly because the non stick on mine is a bit worn so it's not the best. I have had it 2 years so could just replace the rice bowl

  28. The perfect example of we need houses but not where I live

  29. Couple of snooker balls in a sock, walk in, smack the boss round the face with it then scream "I'm the daddy now"

  30. They should've decided to all wear them. Try getting a ref to book every player on every European team

  31. I think that's something that would have been more emphasised in the video.

  32. I think Ben did for the potato. He mentioned the oven was lower energy, but longer which meant the oven cost more.

  33. They didn’t take into count that the heat released by leaving the oven door open or the job on, decreases the heating needed by another source. Good in winter less so in summer.

  34. It depends on your home. I have a small kitchen so leaving the door open warms ip the kitchen and the hallway. However I have to leave the window in the kitchen open to help get rid of any steam/moisture from cooking. In reality I'm just warming up the kitchen and the rest goes out the window.

  35. She's probably in the southeast/London. My old barber was £22 for a basic cut. Now I'm in the midlands and it's £10.

  36. I believe its only up to the following week you can plan.

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