1. All I’m saying is that IF you do come across someone, they will likely be a low level cartel affiliate who wont give 1/4 of a shit about you unless you are up to no good on their turf. Why would they want unwanted attention called on themselves just to harm a joe blow that isn’t doing anything?? If anything, I would think they would be more likely to protect innocent tourist from thieves robbing on their turf.. that has just been my experience though, what the hell do I know??? Hahah

  2. Yw… I would also recommend the google translate app. It was a HUGE help the time I went to Brazil. I know zero Portugués!!! Hahaha I looked like a complete weirdo but I was able to get by :)

  3. Omg yessss I got that and Duolingo and this one app that translates photos lmaooo I was about to risk NOTHING 😂😂

  4. i just hate being a dutch person who doesnt like/watch football, because all it does is create noise complaints

  5. Ooooooof I don’t really watch ALL the World Cup games, especially not the games of the teams I don’t root for but I just randomly decided to watch this one and boy was it HILARIOUS this game was an exception istg 😭😭😭

  6. so maybe an execution? kinda like all those torture vids he’d have his people make?

  7. Simple advice for tourists.. Stay completely away from the Romanians and their Roma gypsy gangs. They distract and steal or pickpocket when they aren't aggressively begging.

  8. My mom got pickpocketed in one of those gangs and started screaming at them in Romanian, they started screaming back in Romanian, none of us realized the other was Romanian until the screaming started 💀

  9. Germany vs Netherlands 1990, Rijkaard spitting at Völler then stamping on his foot, red cards, mayhem.

  10. Now you are compromising the portability for security. It is no longer going to be reachable with ease. Haha. Trade-offs 💁‍♂️

  11. I hope you don't catch cold. That'll call for another question in the group asking about the health care for tourists in Paris. 😁

  12. You’re welcome. I hope you and your family are still having a good time overall.

  13. Don't take the subway and pay attention of your pockets in public places full of people. ☺️

  14. Stop using iphone and buy an android phone.

  15. “Second Choice” or “Place-holder” or “Mom (for now)”

  16. I meant she will be replaced by another soon too, not killed!!! Oof

  17. Dw ur not late, Isaiah just comes out so smoothly (that’s what she said) it’s like a rlly nice flow and is DEFINITELY moanable

  18. Ayy let’s go, is now a bad time to mention Isaiah is a biblical name 😭😭

  19. It sounds more like your annoyed at being treated like a child… in a child-parent relationship.

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