1. Where would we be without internet janitors like yourself.

  2. imagine being a stupid weeb enjoying this garbage.

  3. your profile picture is a weeb anime child.

  4. amount of weeks/months/years they wasted playing the game

  5. i can probably exactly guess what your upstairs neighbours problem is.

  6. imagine being a stupid weeb. stop forcing your cringe cartoons on other people.

  7. where can i claim this? cuz i think it was actually a murder suspect on a lyft driver.

  8. thats how little attention you pay to the game your playing. you don't notice what your teammates are doing untill after the game.

  9. wheres the option, my teammate is correct that i play like shit, and now i will wake up and play better?

  10. if i see more weeb stuf on here, its time to say goodbye to this subreddit.

  11. I'm convinced non of them would say this garbage, if they were alone.

  12. great idea to film! the cameraman never dies!

  13. bruce lee was a well respected man with incredible skill, talent and dedication.

  14. how many homies in real life you told about it?

  15. now do a dammthatsinteresting on when the housekeeper found all those little boy underwear in weird places on his property, and how they sued her for breaking contract.

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