1. Bro what was the person who made the review even trading for XD. Like was it a kidney, a new lung, or a heart or sum like bro chill 😃

  2. I’d understand giving a bad review because you’re upset but I wouldn’t go THAT far.

  3. I love it so much??😞😡

  4. Would you take anti horns + frozen fan + val corset + 35k for it? I can add the cookie loafers if you want

  5. Imma think about it since I might wanna keep it for collecting :)

  6. May i get one if a slot is still available?

  7. Sorry all 6 slots were filled but I can notify you As soon as there are available ones :)

  8. I have already filled up 4 slots but if you are fine with waiting for the art then I can take yours aswell :)

  9. Celestial veil for December dream skirt?

  10. Any kind of abuser. Someone who puts other into misery should have no mercy.

  11. How much are the halos all separetely? (Not lucky20.)

  12. Not to be rude or anything but you should make rules and prizes and the deadline clear so everyone can decide if they have Time to complete their artwork.

  13. i've given a deadline, and duplicates are never worth enough to decide whether they should put in good work on not. im doing this for fun, not the art involved

  14. Yeah but most people like to know exacly what they can get in return for a winning entry.

  15. I’m not really sure how much it’s worth sooo nyp?

  16. I’d do like 250k with some small adds

  17. Ohhh okey I think imma pass on that thx anyways

  18. Idrk I just wanted to see what U would give UwU

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