1. I am so confused by your comment, it was just a meme, i didn't mean anything negative towards either band

  2. Oh, no, no negativity here either! I was branching off from your comment on Emigrate getting love, too. I love Emigrate, but Pandora thinks I want my Emigrate station to sound like my Rammstein station. And the only way to stop it from happening is to "downvote" Rammstein songs...and it feels wrong.

  3. There goes my confusion, did not know what Pandora is, now i do. Really i just wanted some nice title so i sprinkled Richard into it.

  4. Aaah, gotcha! Yes, Pandora is a pretty good streaming service and you can customize each "station" or channel by thumbing individual songs up or down. I've gotten some new favorite bands because of Pandora, and my Rammstein station is chef's kiss.

  5. It used to be one of my top three sodas, but I've stopped drinking soda altogether. Now it tastes like bug killer to me.

  6. Mel Brooks. That man defined my childhood and my taste in comedy.

  7. I have a general preference for clean shaven dudes, but my god, the beard and long hair combo on him is so freaking hot, I can't stand it.

  8. If you get the chance to get a 2nd bathroom, GO FOR IT, even if it's just one full, one half bath. I'm not entirely sure how we ever survived in our home with just one.

  9. There were a few years where my family and I shared one bathroom amongst five of us. When I was older, I tried to be considerate and shower late at night when everyone else was asleep...and somehow, at 2 am, SOMEONE needed to pee while I was taking a shower. It never failed.

  10. They're supposedly getting treatment for all their issues. And are still playing the Flash after everyone else got fired.

  11. Ezra's a mess and as much as I hope they get the help they desperately need, the sheer amount of physical altercations they've gotten into with people, the grooming stuff, and whatever was going on with that woman and her kids on Ezra's property...they've had a metric ton of second chances. I'm honestly surprised they're still getting to be The Flash (but let's face it, the DCU is its own damn mess, so...I guess it makes sense).

  12. There are some super strong ick vibes coming from this. Why does your bf choose to subject you to someone who is mean drunk who disrespects women? Why is he prioritizing his cousin over your comfort on YOUR vacation? Why does anyone have to come with you two?

  13. He doesn't love you, but he LIKES hurting you. He's doing this on purpose, choosing what he thinks will have the biggest effect on you, and you sobbing on the phone to him is exactly what he wants.

  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who says The Great Escape. It's one of my favorite movies in general.

  15. It would be the beginning of all my favorite songs, then suddenly some asshole DJ would start talking over them with obnoxious sound effects, and then the next song would begin and the interruptions would start all over again.

  16. Traditional: Rummy. I can play hours of rummy, which was good when I was stuck quarantining in the early days of Covid and we didn't have a lot else to do.

  17. I just think one should purge all material things from past relationships if they're still 1.) friends with the ex and 2.) talking about marriage with someone else.

  18. Are you sure you're thirty? Cause the only relationship where I "purged" everything an ex gave to me was from high school and he was lying, manipulative cheater.

  19. He’s keeping the ring he was going to propose to someone else with, and was very upset at the idea of ever getting rid of it. He’s hung up on Eli.

  20. I still have my engagement ring from my first fiancé. He let me keep it, which I was happy about because I loved it and it looked nothing like a normal engagement ring.

  21. This was going to be my answer. I freaking loved the Jak and Daxter series, including the racing game. So great.

  22. I laugh cause I thought about this and was wondering if those shelves are strong enough to hold a human 😅

  23. If you have the rolling ladders, this may be feasible, if you're laying in on the very top. Light duty is not designed for climbing, because when all your weight is pressing on one spot (where your foot or hand is), it can pop the shelf out from the back. So I would not recommend trying to climb from the bottom up, because in a panic, you might not climb "smart", and the sound of falling shelves/product might bring someone your way.

  24. My SIL is an audiology tech, and yeah from boomers all the way down we now have an entire age-wide population with more damaged hearing than any time in history. I take earplugs to concerts and any live music, and get weird looks. Then I'm the only person without ringing in their ears afterward 🤔

  25. I wasn't always so great at wearing earplugs to shows (we're not all geniuses at age 18) so I have some pretty wicked tinnitus now. I wear earplugs now and have for years at this point, and even have specific ones for concerts. But the damage is done, and now all I can do is hope that a new process of relieving tinnitus is approved for use in the USA sooner rather than later.

  26. They will probably have the nerve to sue the bus company for unsafe shelters😱😱

  27. Nah, Philly fans know exactly what they're getting into, it happens all the time.

  28. "If we don't find a way out of this soon, I'm gonna lose it. Lose it. It means go crazy. Nuts, insane, bonzo. No longer in possession of one's faculties. Three fries short of a Happy Meal - WHACKO!!"

  29. OP suggested a coting, but the bride doesn't want to "ruin" the jewelry.

  30. A lot of weddings are long. There's the getting dressed/make up/hair done, the getting to the venue, taking the photos, the ceremony itself, more pictures, whatever procession/dance events they have for the bridal party, and then the reception. And whatever extra tidbits the bride and groom throw in. Just four hours into wearing the jewelry will have her breaking out in the middle of the wedding.

  31. the quote was "Get off your ass and on your feet". I remember it being a cool line from the game, but wasn't sure which character said it. It turned out to be Bill, who was very prominent in tonight's episode on the HBO adaptation

  32. Damnit, I was not expecting a show based on a zombie-esque horror survival game to make me absolutely weepy.

  33. I can’t believe they are down voting our comments.

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