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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. This has to be one of the most embarrassing teams in NFL history. I doubt anyone expected us to be this bad.

  2. Yeah, there’s no way anyone actually believed this offense would be less competent under an offensive minded HC and Russ at QB. You can tell defense is getting frustrated by offense. Especially with that taunting call by Simmons. He’s fucking pissed.

  3. How does “misery loves company” relate to “finally old enough to vote and it feels great!”?

  4. He’s not under fire. Half of America is cheering this on.

  5. So Republicans at the state level can’t govern cities but we expect them to be able to govern states at the federal level?

  6. I’m not going to continue to grab stuff from Klutch. That shit tastes weird as fuck and it all has the same weird taste. To me, it tastes like the smell of plant food. Some say mildewy basement, some say mold. Most say it’s off. People need to stop buying their stuff until they get right and the last 3 batches I’ve grabbed have all been wrong so I don’t see it happening any time soon. Sherbhead isn’t even right right now.

  7. More like this is the kind of thing that happens around midterms

  8. Bull shit. There was a plot uncovered to kidnap and assassinate Michigans governor. Did not happen around midterms. Both men involved plead guilty and were sentenced.

  9. Calling everything fascism dilutes the term and makes it less meaningful when it’s used where it’s more important. Like in reference to MAGA.

  10. I agree with calling everything fascism dilutes the term but MAGAS want this country to be a Christian Nationalist country, have openly discussed installing Trump as a dictator, tried to install him as the leader of the country after he lost popular-vote/electoral-college and they blatantly oppress people. Their movement is also centralized around an autocratic government. Republicans have won one majority vote at the national stage going on four decades yet they’re passing a majority of our legislation and have a majority on the Supreme Court making decisions so far right Kansas doesn’t even agree with them.

  11. My dude. I literally said that MAGA is fascism. You’re disagreeing with something I didn’t say.

  12. Your comment barely makes sense. Seems like you have a running sentence. Your wording is also weird. “Where it’s more important”. I think you mean “where it fits better”. “Where it’s more important” doesn’t fit with the first part of your sentence. I associate illiteracy with MAGA so when you throw a word salad at me that begins with “calling everything fascism dilutes the term” and end your comment with “like in reference to MAGA” it would make sense you’re trying to say you don’t agree with calling MAGA fascists.

  13. Trump is under how many current criminal investigations? How much money has he been fined in

  14. Yeah.. this is just the beginning. Trumpism just became popular like 5ish years ago. This shit isn’t going away. These Republicans have had this anger building up in them over the course of 4 or 5 decades.

  15. Even if he did donate his salary that’s 450k/yrX4yrs=1.8 million,

  16. We’ve won 1 less playoff game with Tebow at QB in 2010-2011 than the Jags have won in the last 15 years total.

  17. Calling LibsofTikTok racist or homophobic is pretty fucking funny considering the account is popular because it just reposts leftists' posts.

  18. No…. no it’s not. It’s popular amongst Republicans because it reposts left leaning topics/stories with hostile, derogatory commenting while mocking the content.

  19. The internet is a free speech zone if you go to the right sites. There are PLENTY of forums and sites that aren’t censored.

  20. Says the guy who traded five picks and three players for Russell Wilson

  21. We only lost 2 first round picks and a second round pick. The rest of the picks were picks we built up through trades. Imagine we tried to grab a franchise QB in the first round and hit with one of those picks, you know, since we got Russ for the picks. We really only lost a first and a second.

  22. I’m just never a fan of throwing the same shit at the wall to see if it sticks. Like, we know already Hackett sucks at play calling. Siriani needed it taken away from him for the eagles to be relevant

  23. In 2018 he was fired in Jacksonville from OC for his team performing exactly how the Broncos are right now through 7 games after starting 3-1. Only went over 300 passing yards twice in those 7 games. Only broke 21 points one time in those 7 games. That could have been due to talent. It doesn’t seem that way though with how the Broncos are performing this year. It seems like it’s the play caller/coach.

  24. Donated his 400k salary - spent tens of millions of government money at his shitty golf courses

  25. Even if he did donate his salary that’s 450k/yrX4yrs=1.8 million he

  26. I haven't had a chance to try Larry Cake yet but Cake it easy wasn't bad. I agree with how you described the effects. I've been looking for something a bit more uplifting but with the pain relieving effects of the wedding cake. Terpinolene is not one of my favorite terps though so idk if it'll be a good fit for me.

  27. I’m not a fan of Larry Cake at all. I do not recommend it if you’re looking for a cake strain. For me it feels way closer to a sativa than anything. That’s not what I’m looking for in a cake strain. Was really disappointed.

  28. Lookin like Tyrone Biggums. “Y’all got some contracts?!?”

  29. Yeah, he’s a confident cornball which seems to get more hate than players who are accused of sexual misconduct, beating their children and beating women.

  30. 100%. Russ was supposed to be the only piece that was missing for a playoff run, instead the talks are centered around being sellers and rebuilding

  31. You do know that we didn’t just change our QB, right? New HC, offensive system, play caller and new OC.

  32. Jewish space lasers aren’t starting wildfires. Dems don’t kill babies and drink their blood. Dems don’t have serpent DNA. A 10 year old rape victim should have the option to abort the product of rape. Pregnancy after rape isn’t an opportunity, it’s a horrible thing. People who make more than 440k should be in a higher tax bracket and those who make less shouldn’t have their taxes raised. Marijuana shouldn’t be in the same class as heroin and crystal meth. People with simple marijuana possessions, without a violent charge associated with the possession, shouldn’t have their life ruined.

  33. Yeah, my mom got a news paper style pamphlet like that and she claimed it was filled with nothing but conspiracies. I’ve given up on this country. A little less than half this country is too far gone. Im looking to move to a country with Universal healthcare and benefits for the elderly, like Social Security and Medicare, that aren’t under attack and being floated as an option to cut for more tax cuts that the wealthy seem to benefit from the most.

  34. Have to admit the right wing is very good at what they do.

  35. Well a majority of their voters are the easiest people in the world to scam. The elderly and the religious.

  36. I’m pretty glad this game is happening in the morning. I’ll either be pleasantly surprised with a win and happy for the day or over the loss before the other games kick off.

  37. If you watched the debate you saw that Oz lied about being an Eagles fan. If he would lie about being an Eagles fan, what else would he lie about? He will literally say anything to get votes and he’s a right wing extremist who will support Trump in 2024. Those things usually go hand-in-hand.

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