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  1. This is not how I expected today to go. I don't think tcu is necessarily the better team, but they've made the plays today.

  2. It’s a little high but they give you a good amount of food. Hawks tenders were always teeny. Best deal for chicken in Waco is Jim’s or Bush’s.

  3. TL;DR: Bijan is that guy. Shapen is not. 7 8 win Stark. RGIII is corny but fun. GG bros, it's been a pleasure this season

  4. So one of my neighbors took his dog to McDonalds the other day and got him two cheeseburgers, fries and ice cream before he put the dog down.

  5. Found this on Google but I'm having the same problem on MP. Mine are stuck in "young" stage, even if I used admin to force grow them, they don't grow. Have you found a solution?

  6. Hand the ball to RICHARD REESE. That's it, that's all you have to do.

  7. Mormons are based, they deserved it, we were lucky to even be in the game. The b12 gonna be wild

  8. Yup. They put up 350+ last year, likely a lot more next Saturday

  9. Sorry man I’ve been experiencing the same. Took a trip to Colorado recently and got some goodies for a lil bit

  10. Scholarships still work well. Broken link outreach works kinda well locally.

  11. Sure sure. Definitely learn photography, especially corporate style headshots if you can and have the resources. Headshots and bios, tie in some SEO on their LinkedIn profiles as a package.

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