1. In WS and corporate-media speak, it is, in fact, the same thing. Google it, check different sources. Only in this sub will you find a distinction (meaning "loophole fuckery, to kick the can")

  2. I’m interested in what your thoughts are from today? Was the dip what you were looking for?

  3. you don’t get the point. You’re only going to March 2021 but it’s better visualized on the 5y.

  4. i don’t think it will need until 2025 for an inversion. I am on the lookout for Q3 numbers and Dec6 and I expect a beat + a moderate positive Eps like 0,02. In addition to that we have still the higher rates even higher as 2009 but there’s still no sign for the VIX to follow, which is highly suspect.

  5. They didn’t escape shit, they’re trapped with all shareholders, unable to buy or sell. This is an indisputable fact.

  6. Some of you haven't read the OG DD on cellar boxing. What happened to Towel is "business as usual" for sHFs. It's their modus operandi.

  7. Since reporting earnings, GameStop stock is down like 40%.

  8. Dippity dip dip dip to the Dippity dip

  9. We kind of did retest already today (16.45$, tho 16.38 would have been a more precise hit)

  10. I think you ar more right than me, but it appears it wasn't a single factor.

  11. Just a hint : what the SEC calls "discrete periods" is after-hours + premarket.

  12. I totally see what you mean, I don't mean to say that this cannot be a useful tool. The way you describe it as a set of rules going by a "if this, then that" is a useful disclaimer.

  13. Good morning, I appreciate the discussion.

  14. Truth is I've been using these techniques that I studied for the last 6 years or so, which are mostly used for entry points and SL / TP stop-orders. It's my bread and butter 😅

  15. There’s diagonal support/resistance lines that go back years and years in pretty much every stock. Algorithmic high frequency trading has completely taken over.

  16. My ADHD only supports 1 minute candles, but I appreciate the entertainment!

  17. Thank you 😂 fucking Among Us 12 year-olds paranoid of their own shadows!

  18. Helmets?? I’ve been buckled up in my full astronaut suit for 84 years now! Let’s goooo

  19. Everyone always gets pissed at the hedge funds for their role in this but man, the banks are the ultimate bandits here. They are the ones ENABLING the crime and letting their addicted gambler customers borrow infinite stacks of finite assets.

  20. Funds are the weaponized branch of banks. They're literally the same people.

  21. The squeeze did come though, it was early 2021 and last a couple of weeks. It’s the same shit as the GameStop weirdos though where they keep insisting it hasn’t happened yet.

  22. Game just confirmed its second profitable quarter this year, zero debt in the middle a recession and have free cash flowing (FCF) out of the vault. At the current decline rate, they're still in business for a couple hundred years 😂 the Bear narrative is hanging by thinner threads each new day.

  23. We would forever be slaves to their system if GameStop never opened our eyes. DRS will burn their system to the ground, we are fighting fire with fire in one of the greatest battles of attrition of our lives.

  24. Watch it go to 100% DRSed and the price will still move thanks to the liquidity fairy. We're playing inside their own game, yes we're an annoying bug, but they can always re-write the rules around us and ignore the noise.

  25. No burning required, but that logic doesn't make sense.

  26. All I'm saying is : we don't know as much shit as we think we do.

  27. Once GME hits zero dollars per share, there will be absolutely no doubt in my mind that we can DRS it all immediately.

  28. Tho it could sound like Copium and baseless bravado, I believe that's a realistic way to look at it. If we were where Popcorn is right now, this whole thing would be over already.

  29. Popcorn is where it is right now because shill CEO sold shares to raise capital, which would have decreased their DRS %, if popcorn apes understood DRS.

  30. I was only talking about the price tag. We're not them, we have no debt, so no dilution is needed.

  31. I recognized one part in that mess : "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" (inverted animals in the article) is a well known default filler text in edition, like "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet.."

  32. When was the last time this predicted anything?

  33. It takes literally 30sec to verify. Why don't you get yourself a basic chart app, Webull is free and well designed.

  34. Relative Strength Index (14) @ 30 & below is Oversold. If you were fortunate enough to buy during these windows your ability to average down yielded better than average results. Not to say the price can’t go lower but so far it’s been an excellent indicator to watch.

  35. Damn, someone actually acknowledging that indicators work just fine for GME.

  36. Could also be similar to the drop and bounce back before the squeeze.. but at that time we had positive price action and UTI went up to 100 again..

  37. If the price keeps on falling, yes, there would be an uncomfortable truth in there, even more as they're not touching XRT, maybe another ETF ? Otherwise, how do you see it bearish that our stock is being less borrowed to be shorted ?

  38. I see boobs, I push the button. Well played sir, well played.

  39. I know my public 🥴 but the metaphore is strangely fitting if you understand how wedges work.

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