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  1. I always wondered this myself. Until I saw The Cameltoe Boutique where they sell undersized yoga pants. It's my favorite store, next to the See-Through Shirt Hut.

  2. Pliers And elbow grease! You should've started by screw it backwards to align the threads. If this happens a lot to you, put some Vaseline on the threads first. A little goes a long way so just a dot of it. I work on military weaponry for a living as a mechanical engineer. Trust me on this.

  3. Why does this remind me of Dream Warriors when Freddy Krueger tampered with the deaf kid's hearing aid and dropped a handful of nails causing his head to explode?

  4. I got chills listening to that. That was amazing.

  5. If you know they're late for everything, then tell them the reservation is an hour earlier than it actually is. Booked for 7? Tell her it's for 6!

  6. Cook a great meal for them and write a sincere, heartfelt letter to them on decent paper.

  7. Ah yes! One of many songs that forced the mainstream media to utterly destroy his reputation. The record companies can't deal with a positive black man in the music industry that sings about things like world peace and existentialism. They should be slappin hos and bustin caps! A black man positively effecting society with just his raw talent while deeply caring for children of all races simply cannot be tolerated.

  8. So basically because he was voted in, he can now do whatever the hell he wants?? Surely a Democrat

  9. If it's not cash in hand or at the very least zelle or cash ap, I don't trust it.

  10. That actually looks like the plant-based plastic. It's usually made from plant cells with the chlorophyll removed. I only say this because that top section is cloudy which is how it looks. If it is, it does biodegrade after a few weeks. Btw, I'm guessing so don't be too harsh if I am wrong.

  11. Fill the hole with rubber cement, let it dry, re-drill the hole with a fine threaded self-tapping screw.

  12. Black lives matter? How about the people that said ALL lives matter?

  13. This is the new woke chess set where they're all black cuz all the white ones aren't allowed to participate

  14. The guy on the bottom is astounding! How do you even survive something like that?

  15. is 12 the missing number? +2, +4, +8?

  16. I think this is created by a bot to push a hateful narrative. Don't even waste your time guys

  17. And J.P. Morgan decided to skip his trip on the Titanic. Wonder what's gonna happen?

  18. My wife eats these and when she does I ask "who hurt you?"

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