1. So his spelling and grammar is...less than ideal.

  2. I think he's just super understated. He talks a ton of trash quietly and all his teammates say he's underrated and funny.

  3. Global warming and gun violence. Both reasonably preventable, and yet...

  4. No one is preventing him for cooking, he's just making a lotta Lean Cuisines

  5. Alright who wants to say we’re married next time for court side seats

  6. What did you hear the coaches and players saying? Wanna hear about more what you observed haha

  7. Was hard for me to hear during timeouts, but it was a lot of general damn, we are losing to Detroit we need to lock the F in, etc.

  8. It USED to be owned by Lore. It is no longer owned by him. He says so in the ad read.

  9. Lol not it would not. Austin Rivers is just as much a leader on a minimum contract.

  10. My wife and I would love to go; we enjoy the Wolves and Lynx a ton. I've been a fan of the wolves since KG and Sam Mitchell days. It would also be a fun date night as we are both in the education field so finding time to travel to the cities from Southern MN is not always doable.

  11. The people have spoken! Shoot me a DM with your first and last name and the email address you'd like the tickets sent to. Hope you have a great time!

  12. I'd love to go. My wife is pregnant with our first child due Jan 23. So a T-Wolves game would be a great gift for someone about to push out a child.

  13. Congratulations!! We have an 8 month old, our first it is a wild, fun, rewarding ride. Tough out the first month or so - it's super rough, but then it gets better once they can smoke at you and sleep for any significant time!

  14. MAYBE as a max player he could extend his play in the 4Q to the other 3/4 of the game.

  15. Don't wanna piss of Beas - he'll pull a gun so fast

  16. When is DLO going to learn how to be a pro?

  17. Can you give it season? Why just until the trade deadline?

  18. If it's clear it's not going work it won't due anyone any good to keep it going, it'd hinder development.

  19. This team cares way more about “fashion” then actual basketball.

  20. I like it IF they can back it the hell up

  21. By the end of the episode I think June and Serena both are convinced by Tuello to take a very public and bold stance against Gillead. I could envision something where they both step toward news cameras at a news conference together or something similar.

  22. Yeah, there has been a lot of emphasis on them forming a (very grudging) alliance this season. And they're both motivated by basically the same desire - to protect their children from Gilead.

  23. Exaxtly. And a S6 plot line of the two of them working together would be so interesting and conflicting.

  24. I think he'd be a fine backup PG or potential 6th man, he's just so damn inconsistent

  25. Not a bad player but NOT anywhere near a max player

  26. Is this only on Discovery + now? I can't find it on our HGTV listings. We really liked it!

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