1. I got an ounce of harvest white cheetoz smalls for $90. I'll take okay bud at cheap prices than great bud at high prices

  2. I tend to smoke a lot less when I get great bud. I can put a cone out 2 or even 3 times if it’s really good. With cheap bud I smoke an entire cone and then another a few hours later when I would be just finishing my first cone of great stuff.

  3. Hmm I can't compare. I only vaporize so in reality I don't use too much

  4. So if you were packing a .5 bowl of stuff that cost 5 dollars per gram and smoking the whole thing in one session but when you got stuff that cost $7.50 per gram you start getting 2 -sometimes 3- sessions out of a .5 you wouldn’t think that’s something worth looking into?

  5. There is no definitive physical or archaeological evidence of the existence of Jesus. “There’s nothing conclusive, nor would I expect there to be,” Mykytiuk says. “Peasants don’t normally leave an archaeological trail.”

  6. Yep.. Republicans were supposed to be boycotting NASCAR due to their confederate flag ban.

  7. Looks lovely, I haven't had great experience with Cokoh flower, is this an upscale brand of theirs?

  8. It’s just a lateral move imo. Not worse or better. I personally won’t buy anything from them. Everything I’ve tried from Cokoh and Chizle has been extremely underwhelming

  9. “They only used the parts that showed he is guilty .”

  10. It’s a sad day when I don’t know whether that’s you being satirical or the actual defense of the former guys lawyer.

  11. Your comment would have more weight if he wasn't a pro, but when you hate a guy then logic goes out the window

  12. Lmfao no, we didn’t.. but Biden isn’t on tape bragging about taking classified documents… he’s not on tape admitting he knows he shouldn’t have done it. He’s not on tape admitting the documents aren’t declassified after claiming he

  13. i have been taking advice and evidently nothing has worked as of yet. and i’m well aware of the patience that cannabis cultivation requires.

  14. Also, if this is an auto flower you should have started in the pot you’re finishing in, according to everyone on here.

  15. I’ve seen the advice to transfer into a bigger pot.. have you taken that yet or is it still in that cup?

  16. Yet they try to convince us there are "good cops".

  17. I learned to never call the police again when I called them because my car got broken into. They decided that my car smelled like weed and that it was enough to search the vehicle. I was charged with possession of marijuana lol. The cop couldn’t even find anything in my vehicle (bag of bud, roach, etc.) so he took a piece of tape and patted it on the ground of my car and found some flakes & stems. Claimed they had their possession charge….

  18. Dems suck but what Republicans are putting out: Anti-lgtbq+ legislation, anti-abortion legislation, cuts to social programs to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and claiming a 10 year old getting

  19. Nice big fluffy sticky nugs and the smell and flavor I love the most. Good effects as well. Been over a year since I had a batch and was just as good as I remeber

  20. Yeah, looks like it’s a new drop. Will definitely grab some if that’s the case. Their drop before this last one was extremely underwhelming

  21. I had an older batch and not a fan. Super dry, no taste. I did combust it though.

  22. Stuff should be flavorful even through combustion. I only smoke ultra thin cones. I can’t dry herb vape. It’s too expensive for the effects it gives me. For me it seems like it turns good bud into diet weed lol. Just not even worth it imo. Plus it takes forever to heat up then if you don’t load enough you’re stuck with however much you loaded up until 10-15 minutes later when your next bowl gets to temp.

  23. Just had the same thing happen to me with my first grow. I put the root down with the seed shell toward the top. Mine already sprouted so I’m pretty sure that’s the way to do it. Then when mine sprouted the seed shell was still trapped on the leaves. I waited about 28 hours to see if it would pop off itself and it didn’t. I then had to perform surgery lol. I got the shell off but the leaves didn’t expand like I thought they would after about 13 hours.. then I looked at her closer with a magnifying glass and noticed the top of the shell still on the seedling. I carefully took the top of the shell off and now the leaves have spread and she’s growing!

  24. It’s my first grow so take everything after planting the seed with a grain of salt. I’m still learning. Planting the seed the way I described definitely worked for me though.

  25. You’ll be downvoted into oblivion for bringing this up. I am every time I talk about it. The flower here in this program is middy af. All of it. There’s no actual gas gas here.. it’s like people either had terrible plugs and or haven’t ever left this state before and got weed outside of Ohio. You can tell when they give 5 star reviews to stuff like Seed and Strains frozen r’ntz. I’ve smoked home grown bud better than that and people are rating it 5 stars.

  26. Yep! They “write tickets to save lives!!” Or something like that.. lol.

  27. It's a simple choice. You can defend the church and it's centuries of horrendous abuses or you can defend freedom of speech and satire. He chose wrong. Simpleton.

  28. "Repeatedly attacks his religion .." he says. His logic is worse than his playoff record. New headline, "Simpleton Simples".

  29. Yeah, Clayton is so fucking soft. Religious people are actively trying to strip rights away from the LGBTQ+ community and big man Clayton is hurt because a small group that was invited is making fun of the most powerful organizations on the planet.

  30. In what world is Elon anywhere close to the left of the spectrum?

  31. Nope, they’ll likely claim she had to flee to Russia to get away from the evil Biden family or some shit

  32. Ohhh come on you two… you know they’ll claim both simultaneously… somehow

  33. And desperately want people to like them and think they're cool.

  34. Smoking weed isn’t the same thing as smoking tobacco. The tar -or something- in tobacco smoke smothers something -I can’t remember what it’s called- that allows you to cough up stuff that gets stuck in your lungs.

  35. Also, there are other ways to consume if you don’t want to inhale combusted smoke.. You can dry herb vape, vape with a cartridge, take dabs, use RSO, take edibles, or use patches.

  36. The average MAGA goon is still more dangerous than an average black or trans person* is what I assume you’re saying.

  37. Not just the agreement to leave. The PLANS for how to leave too.

  38. Fucking exactly. They think that being intolerant of intolerance is the same thing as being intolerant of inclusion and difference.

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