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  1. Hi guys, i saw a couple of comments saying the textures were not working and i might have an idea of why its maybe because there was a pbr terrain update in beamng which makes it not compatible with the current textures. I will fix that in a couple of days.

  2. Hi, I installed beam.ng for the first time on a M1 MacBook Pro via crossover and I have the problem with the missing textures. Does this still work with v0.26? I haven’t seen the art folder on the google drive, just the terrainmaterialcache folder. Does it still go into the temp folder or did they change the folder structure? Thanks a lot!!

  3. I don't know because on mac it doesnt creates any folders for the terrain but im prettty sure it still goes in art

  4. Sorry it took a while to reply! Could you share the link for where you got the main Xplane app and the scenery? I've tried searching for it everywhere but cant find it. I'll really really appreciate it.

  5. This is the Toliss A321 NEO with a La Compagnie repaint from Inibuilds.

  6. That video you linked is from XP11, NOT XP12. The aircraft was developed for XP11 and is not guaranteed to work in XP12 as you can see, so if you want a working 777 in XP12 you'll have to wait for the new version being developed by Flight Factor.

  7. You should have waited for the 777 v2, which is in development. The current FF777 v1 is very old, practically abandoned years ago and is considered outdated by XP11 standards. FlightFactor has no intention of making the current 777 XP12 compatible.

  8. No dont worry i would've never did that i own it since a year sorry if I misspoke but yes i cannot wait for ff 777v2

  9. I'm curious, did they work in XP11 on the M1? M1's are a nightmare for compatibility with a lot of software, since very little is ARM compatible. M1's are causing tons of problems where I work for the same reason. It might be possible to set the plugin binaries to run through Rosetta, but I'd expect it to be a bit before things are fixed, and I'm sure some never will be.

  10. yes they did worked in XP11 its kinda sad that arm isnt compatible with a lot of things

  11. If they worked in XP11 on Arm it'd make sense that an update would get them working in 12 later.

  12. I ran X-Plane 12 trough rosetta and every plugins like SASL and Avitab worked and surprisingly i had no fps impact compared to native arm.

  13. I’ve seen this question a lot. Why do people care? Just buy direct. Clearly steam has some advantages though. What are they?

  14. Its my opinion but i like having all of my games in just one place so i dont install a million launchers on my pc

  15. For those that don't know about the killdozer, look it up the story is fucking intresting

  16. Bro i live in granby just not in this one the one inlive is situated in canada

  17. sam thing for me best thing i could do is ask a friend to do the mission for me

  18. 350 steam + 100 pirated.

  19. Try to download a cracked disk_1, they're easy enough to find. Then you just mount it digitally and XP believes its a real disk.

  20. Yes this is what i did and it worked thank you for your reply

  21. Ah ok, np. Did you get the worldwide scenery?

  22. Finally i used steam achievement manager and never got banned. Although idk about menyoo

  23. so if I want to play GTA V on Crossover 22, do I still need to install the dxvk patch thing from GitHub?

  24. Dammit I can't get it to work at all with epic (heroic) GTA V (or rocket league for that matter)

  25. Idk what i can say right there because i dont play it with heroic but on steam

  26. Hmm once doing it via crossover would I be able to upgrade the firmware of my monitor too?

  27. I dont really know i gave up at that point and turns out mine didnt had the gaming osd just the interface.

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