1. I am not convinced that he stands a chance against the man that made it to the end of time

  2. He made it to the end of time in the Dark souls Universe not Sekiro’s, and we don’t even see how he did it we just know, and even then Sekiro’s fucking immortal with 2 blades that Can kill immortals. How the fuck would Gael counter that, my guy is crippled, depressed and has a broken ass sword. Sekiro would be able to dodge or counter his every mood. Sekiro is just in a much better physique, has better equipment and is more skilled in combat

  3. And you're talking about Shura Wolf, a character that we literally never even see

  4. We see a little bit at the end cutscene and we know as a fact that he Can do exactly what normal Sekiro Can and has the 2 mortal blades

  5. Emma is the best imo, because she isn’t just a level up tool but more her own character and even a boss

  6. Imagine calling Victorian military fashion, trenchcoats and cocked hats "edgy"

  7. So you're going around looking at gothic and neo-gothic architecture, i dunno, like in England or Scotland, and you'll be saying "hahaha lmaooo so edgy wtf"?

  8. It’s not the achitecture i think is “Dark and edgy” ot’s the vibe i get from playing BB, the architecture i can’t argue if it is victorian or whatever the fuck that’s a fact

  9. Yeah but still, This question has nothing to do with Any fromsoft game other than Bloodborne so Why not put it in Bloodborne where you’ll probably get better answers from people who know the game better

  10. The same could be said about most other posts here then. You don't need to talk about everything From Software have published simultaneously in here, I don't think it's in the rules at least.

  11. Bro I’m not tryin to attack every post, I’m just saying that if OP wanted a better answer they could’ve gone to

  12. The three most happy countries in the world are in scandinavia. Then there’s Sweden

  13. Well even if thats not the joke here, God of war ragnarok is 80€ (ps4 Version is 70€) and now take a closer loke to the game mentioned in the joke

  14. Banes lightning would completely destroy vader and his suit, Anakin is just better than Maul in so many ways and Din has literal plot armor

  15. Are you playing Eredrim shell? I believe that is a symbol for one of the perks, where you get stacks everytime you kill an enemy without being knocked out of the shell, those stacks boost your damage. You currently have 7.

  16. Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein Und das heißt Erika Heiß von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein Wird umschwärmt Erika

  17. I’m pretty sure Wolfes helmet it just another clone trooper helmet like GRF helmet I think it’s called

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