1. I’d love Chucky, but how could you make him not just stronger Victor?

  2. Lisa Garland used to be one I think, probably the closest we'd get

  3. In the event that reddit gets compromised (like say, they decide to ban most GME subreddits on arbitrary terms), is there a backup? Besides a YouTube comment section

  4. Marvel/Disney and DC/WB/Discovery/BurgerKing/SleepNumber certainly fuck over every creator they hire, but it's not their duty to manage their employees' or contractors' health and finances.

  5. Don’t forget about our fucked tax system for the same reason.

  6. Yeah it's a Castlevania reference (Aria of Sorrow). It was available for the Game Boy Advance

  7. My favorite Castlevania era. Thanks for the hit of nostalgia.

  8. ashes from a cigarette catching dry leaves below the porch, fire spread from outside into the house.

  9. I tought "nut" was a synonym of "masturbate", not of "cum", that explains a lot.

  10. I got the paid cosmetic just so I didn't have to play with that hair.

  11. Did you just refer to a fake 4chan story as “reality” 💀

  12. One of the few games that had me LOLing for real

  13. Doing gens is a-ok with me. The 3 BnPs with green toolboxes and hyperfocus is a bit overkill. Like the match can last more than 2 minutes it's ok

  14. These recent cosmetics got me acting goofy between softboy twink trickster and grandaddy vittorio shirtless. My gay ass has it down BAD right now.

  15. I think $7 is the absolute ceiling I'd pay for one of their skins with no customization, wouldn't even pay $5 for tropical Baptiste lol I think it has to be really badass to justify $10 and, unfortunately, everything falls short and probably will if continue to if they follow the same pattern

  16. Even priced at 700, you would still have to spend $10 to buy it

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