1. I used to work at Circle K in college and we had to upsell every single customer with a complimentary item. One night I said fuck it and upsold everyone just asking if they needed a light. Buying chips. Need a lighter? Lottery ticket. Need a lighter? Filling your gas can? Fuck it, you need a lighter?

  2. “Filling your gas can I see? Well that can’t possibly be for anything but vandalism… would you like to add a lighter for $2.39?”

  3. That’s a Chinese surveillance balloon, must’ve drifted from the USA to Mexico

  4. Man I'm jealous I was happy I got an epic ac cobra... But congrats to you!

  5. Congrats! Fantastic car, beats my 79rq Audi from the expo campaign fairly often

  6. Damn well don’t rush getting your RQ or trophies up, it’ll be so useful to you when you’re in the 3-400 rq range

  7. I really love the explorer I and haven’t tried one on for fear it would be too small. What 36s do you like?

  8. I’ve tried on an explorer, too pricey for me right now but I would say to try it if you can, the lug to lug makes it a lot more wearable than you’d think, has similar dimensions to some 38-40mm watches surprisingly

  9. Hmm, I’ll try it definitely. Might end up just getting the explorer 39 used.

  10. It's in the announcements. Both the Evora and De Tomaso will run through July 2023.

  11. Damn so it’s de tomaso or keep saving for the Moby dick for me, will have 6 tokens in June

  12. 640 after having done the challenge today. So I will get the CP tomorrow.

  13. It's the Pantera Epic with slicks

  14. I'm in a group with some people who do the "time travel" trick to see reqs and rewards early

  15. Well shit that’s great, I love Panteras’ and still haven’t packed any of the URs

  16. I’ll have it done by the weekend. 233?

  17. I just use and old quilt, wipe the skis off before they go on and occasionally wash the quilt, never leave it in there really wet though

  18. That's a French word we don't use very often.

  19. The bmw is fast once it gets going, the manta I wouldn’t use going faster than 30mph

  20. Which is a shame, which the slick tyre cars had a boost over other cars on dry pavement the way off road tyre cars have over all surface

  21. What’s the MRA on the viper? I got the Ultima, great on twistys but I’d never put it down on fast circuits

  22. You find the hummer useful? I’m thinking of using mine but wasn’t sure how well it performs

  23. That jacket cost more than my entire set up from base layer to skis lol humble brag tbh I'm thrifty 😅😆

  24. Sorry to hear, I’ve been there too and it stinks, went from 6th to 220th in the calsonic finals because the only 3 people that could beat me grinded me for no reason and servers were down for me

  25. Damn that sucks, i mean I expected to drop a bit so I wasn’t shocked but getting sent below 200 would blow

  26. I’m in 7th with about 200 people, hoping for my first price car but I feel I’ll get dropped to 80th

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