1. Didn't he say he'd leave the country if Brexit had failed?

  2. I think iwan rheon did a really good job. The problem with Ramsay in S5 and 6 wasn't the acting it was the writing ( I'd argue the performance saved the character)

  3. For me he was just too over the top and didn't look like the character, Ramsay is supposed to be really tall and muscular with long black thick hair, he's supposed to be frightening to look at and be near whereas on the show, he didn't actually do anything major until in Season Six.

  4. Being over the top is kind of Ramsay's thing even in the book. He's meant to contrast with his dad's soft spoken quiet demeanor

  5. If you live in the North East or around this area, make sure you show your solidarity and peaceful protest comrades.

  6. I think in TWOW, after fAegon takes the crown, Jaime will be brought before him in the throne room and publicly confirm to fathering Cersei's children. It will be the third and final truth that he will reveal, the one that will completely destroy his Kingslayer persona and allow Jaime the Kingmaker to rise, and it is something that he has wanted to do for a long time. Once Cersei and her children are dead, Jaime will believe he has nothing to live for and therefore nothing to lose anyway by revealing the truth and legitimising the claim of Rhaegar's son to the throne.

  7. Why would anyone choose greatjon umber over roose bolton

  8. But that's purely the benefit of hindsight. Her reasoning was sound. I don't understand why people judge a character for not being able to see the future.

  9. She also ignored all of Ned's misgivings about Roose, his refusal to ever trust him and the history of Stark and Bolton feuds, even Jon mentions that Ned used to talk about their families' history.

  10. In an ideal world at the next general election, Labour should replace the Tories as the main right wing party, and a new party with the SCG MPs and some left leaning SNP MPs replace Labour as the main left wing party.

  11. Greywater Watch, not too far away from where Catelyn and Tyrion were, no army would've been able to march and ride horses into the swamp, and trying to find a moving house would've been difficult.

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