Massive protests break out in Zhengzhou, China, as protesters use barricades and guardrails to attack police who come to crack down on them

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  1. Are you retarded? You think batman wouldn't benefit from getting a boost from peak human to easily 20 tons?

  2. I don't think it would significantly change his capabilities.

  3. Yes. It would. While strength doesn't come into place there, he gets precog for omega beams, insane speed amps, etc. Precog is huge here because a single hit from darkseid will splatter him into the floor.

  4. I’m not gonna go too deep here but TL;DR, it’s nothing special about a god claim then, it’s just another one of an endless list of technically unfalsifiable claims. OP would certainly say people think wizards don’t exist 100% too.

  5. Hell, the 12 year old stands an honest chance of taking the w here.

  6. The only birds i wouldnt extend this thinking to are ones like Ostriches and Emu lol. Those are big birds.

  7. High lord artificer is the strongest of the bunch, Polly wanna cracken (or Urza poly-tyrant) is a well known, and well respected cEDH deck for a reason.

  8. I don't think "not caring about elderly lives" and "money trumps all else" are mutually exclusive. And in fact, I think the former necessarily informs the matter.

  9. If you are actively trying to help your patients then I would not deem you part of the problem.

  10. That wasn’t what the jury determined to have happened and you know it.

  11. To face consequences for doing something illegal, you have to be found guilty in court. Don’t conflate a not-guilty verdict for an illegal act with a lack of consequences for said illegal act.

  12. That’s right! Wasn’t Republicans it was corruption! There is a difference and that’s why we have to stop the blame game and hold them accountable. Separate and Segregate is the agenda! Crime has no race, gender or political affiliation, but harms all of the above. We have to stick together and stop letting crooks corrupt our lives!

  13. They worked with Trump and then fucked him and us over. FTFY

  14. Goku pasts Brett accidentally, since Brett has no speed or durability feats.

  15. Yes, but it's gonna severely limit your dating pool. Ace (asexual) men do exist, and they want to find love just like you do, but your gonna have to look for them.

  16. Lord protector and high lord artificer are the best two urzas, by a lot.

  17. See, I actually figured it was far more plausible that this was real than fake.

  18. "Man is relieved to find out his mass-murdeding child isn't gay" is absolutely an Onion headline...

  19. I don't think the vast majority of people, including Republicans, would be indifferent to their child murdering people. Even if they were, they wouldn't be so brazen about it.

  20. You’re just making up magic now. This is Harry Potter, high tiers equate to people with pistols, the strongest guy can with help from a Phoenix do some fire magic

  21. Fred and George, without even graduating turned a whole hallway into a swamp.

  22. But it’d probably be like infinity war where some Die to the barrier but almost all get through, also that’s a lot of pre planned prep stuff you’re listing off and not instant scenarios. Destroy countries? Lol no, not even dumbledore. Harry Potter characters aren’t even able to nuke hogwarts in one go. They also die after a few bites, even dumbledore

  23. Electrical systems that run at sufficiently high voltage, like heating or cooling might need those.

  24. Battleborne and Overwatch. Most haven't even heard of battleborne so I'll leave it there....

  25. Sounds like something you would get in a casual EDH game. CEDH is for people who want to play to win and not scrubs such as yourself who want to play by a non existent honor code because the winning strategy is “unfun.”

  26. Why? This type of events are basically PR. Why pay billions to make yourself look worse?

  27. They didnt think it would make them look worse, and they don't think it is.

  28. Y'know, it's probably working to some extent. I think the logical fallacy is the idea that everyone in the world cares.

  29. Magic tricks are a lot more than just sleight of hand. Forced perspectives, misdirection, hidden wires, mirrors, trapdoors etc.

  30. Is this possible to install new slab among the old slab? Can the new slab have a "strength" same with the old slab?

  31. Yes, it's tricky in this case because the slab isn't supported, but it's doable.

  32. I am liberating conumisms at my house. Please send topless ladies and soccer trophies.

  33. I love the shade Reddit is coming with because some people can't distinguish "leftist" and "authoritarian" lmao

  34. you mean food? maybe its the 8 billion people playing a part of the problem.

  35. Specific kinds of food, beef takes huge amounts more water than chicken for example, and chicken isn't even that good with water, tho it's near the top for meats.

  36. Alfalfa. Its spelled Alfalfa. Thanks for giving me something to laugh about though. Took me a good minute to figure out what you were trying to say.

  37. If this train is completed and runs as it’s projected to, I’d happily prefer this than driving. Being hungover coming home on the 15 in traffic sucks. At least on a train you just sit there and no one bothers you. No one to cut you off, no drunk or distracted drivers to potentially harm you, just you and the scenery. Hell you can even drink a beer and sit on Reddit the entire trip. I doubt many here have experience with train travel. The comments make the think that.

  38. I love how this sub constantly complains about the lack of public transportation. And then also complains about anyone trying to build public transportation.

  39. This is like the 5th time a train has been announced, so far the only constant is the grift.

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