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  1. Coinsquare hasn't been a good idea for ages. still isn't. stick to p2p options or bullbitcoin.

  2. CEX for crypto is still pretty much the dumbest thing you can do with crypto, next to selling it

  3. I’m not convinced advanced sabermetrics translates over to lacrosse so cleanly. I mean, they tried with hockey for like 2 decades and it never really worked and the advance stats hockey uses now are all sorts of jacked up. I think lacrosse might be falling into the same trap hockey has where you could use advanced stats to make any argument you want no matter how nonsensical the argument is.

  4. A buddy of mine plays on Rochester. Therefore he and I think that Rochester is the best lol

  5. I am a billionaire with unrealized gains. Securities owned but not yet sold. Change my mind.

  6. Sounds far fetched but honestly how does the nft marketplace work at the scale we’re imagining without them ?

  7. Anyone else remember a Cyber Crew teaser video with the Apple logo clearly on display?

  8. Sum 41 “fat lip” was the first music video I downloaded from limewire... millennials prob have no idea what limewire is but it is how us older folks got access to music for free... we didn’t have YouTube lol

  9. I think you're mixing up generations, Millenials definitely know what limewire is, they're born from 1981-1996

  10. anyone else see towel hit +15% twice in the first minute before going to only +1.5%?

  11. I mentioned it a while ago to people. People don't want to believe it Yesterday I had someone ask how many shares I had. I told them I don't want to disclose my personal finances. They called me crazy for talking about how rapid inflation was going to take over, and now they think I somehow saw the future. I don't discuss it anymore except on this site, but the people I work with all discuss it with each other now. They think I have an inside scoop on Wall Street lmao

  12. It's gonna start out great, but soon enough we're gonna see AR pop up ads aren't we?

  13. Well, shit, waddap guys. I'm not so worried about you guys as I am people building in the future. The internet never used to have them either, but then it turned from the greatest tool and information sharing machine to an ad revenue machine. I just REALLY want this time to be different, to be fair, to be for everyone, and not controlled by the few like the internet ended up being.

  14. Yeah I completely the tutorial when I was like 9, didn't get the achievement then

  15. You achieved victory as the Celts because you completed the tutorial. I achieved victory as the Celts because they are my main. We are not the same. Because I am still not good at this game no matter the hours I pour in

  16. EU here, I have an account in IKBR but I have been buying via wise&CS. Takes time, about a week at least for me…

  17. Reminder that this price we're seeing is only $84ish pre split. Price is still fake and this run means nothing as of right now. Keep calm and DRS on. Not financial advice

  18. Who is going to play bedpost in the movie "Citadel the Rise and Fall" ?

  19. Ah yes, 2007, when markets were stable and strong and our growth was stable and strong and nothing could ever happen because all of the investments were strong and no risk was taken because everything was stable and strong and stable and strong and stable and strong.... And nothing happened in 2008 because our markets were stable and strong. Right?

  20. Do you hear that? That’s bedards music.

  21. It's funny because I know the org you're referring to, but in the same breath you could be referring to the Ballard era

  22. Gordie Howe, Zdeno Chara, Jaromir Jagr on the sidelines.

  23. Yes!!!!! Glad you commented, your is one I forgot to label early on (btw, doing a ton of stuff and then having to go back and file it is seriously tedious… who knew?)

  24. You gotta multiply it by 4 tho cuz our stock split gave us 4x shares. That's how math works right guys?

  25. The worst part of the game are treasures. There is a sign that says to jump down because there is a treasure but for some reason i can't reach it. I have been dying for like 8 hours straight but trust me i will find this treasure!

  26. Hmm, for these areas to drop down, you may have to be carrying about 50k runes. The game will allow you to drop further and survive, but ONLY after you die the first time.

  27. Are you sure we’ve to collect only 50k runes cause i read somewhere that it was around 70-80k.

  28. They may have changed it to 100k with the latest update. I'll have to double check

  29. Linus ullmark is getting a lot of disrespect here for his incredible season

  30. Guys a scrub. He has literally lost 2 games in regulation this year. Pathetic really. Surprised he hasn't been waived yet

  31. Zelle payments went missing from bofa customer accounts. Shady shit.

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