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  1. Any idea how to change the shield on sword and shield 2?

  2. Realise that if a Pro user adds a projected decal and you open the save, you won't get the decal.

  3. They are. I’ve done it before, same with lighting. I appreciate your concern though.

  4. While the decal work on slide 1 is creative and the design of slide 3 is... also there, I'd like to point out the lighting on 2. It's so instantly recognisable and incredibly accurate!

  5. I just checked the post I got it from, they said they got the pose from user SteeloreKaplanAK

  6. sigh If you have read the comments, you'd know that Hyp made the original pose but the user you mentioned copied it, turned it into an APR, and uploaded it to the library without Hyp's permission.

  7. Unfortunately once it's on the Community Library, there's no link further up the chain

  8. They exploit bugs. The problem is that bugs can be fixed and your work is wasted. There’s probably resources out there explaining how to work with these bugs.

  9. They've also said that when a bug provides flexibility that people enjoy, they try to avoid undoing it unless it affects system stability.

  10. It works now, and looks perfect! Thank you so much!!! You're amazing

  11. I have a fairly solid foothold established in the Inanimate Objects niche :)

  12. Yeah I just had a quick lurk of your posts and it seems like every inanimate object I remember seeing is your work haha, you've definitely got a talent for it

  13. They should fix it by allowing me to select a third Extra such as a familiar first - which currently is not possible, meaning you cannot pose or otherwise adjust familiars.

  14. Go into Stage/Extra or Gear/Hands (depending on whether it's a Base familiar or hand-held familiar), and there will be a Cog icon at the top that allows you to select the familiar for posing and adjusting.

  15. im actually SUPER greatfull you made that stove. i tryed for like 5 hours to make one of my own and then i remembered you had made one a while back XD

  16. Can I have the link for the pool table, the submarine, the fighter jet, and the crane if possible?

  17. They've all been posted here with links over the course of the year. You should be able to find them pretty easily with a search.

  18. So this is the companion post to Hyp's Top 18 (Characters and Creatures).

  19. To all the people who have supported me both here on Reddit and over on YouTube, thank you all! I started this channel in 2022 and the support I've received for the tutorials/guides/builds I've done has been overwhelming

  20. I think all of these have previously been posted in the forum with model links, so a little hunting should track them down if you're after the configs ;)

  21. I tend to post them on the official Discord and Facebook groups, and I believe they're familiar with my work.

  22. I haven’t seen Wednesday yet, how faithful is it to the other adaptations? Ps this mini looks great

  23. Never having read the original comics, I can't really comment on faithful, but I found it well done.

  24. The real brilliance here is the single finger!

  25. I definitely found it made for a better crossed-arms look than any of the default set of hand poses.

  26. Fascinating. It really is hard for you to let go of the bent tail as the Delta Insignia though, isn't it? I get it. I do.

  27. Id love to make an apr with this weapon and pose! I'd like your permission to do so though

  28. Turning it into an APR without permission is how SteeloreKaplanAK's version ended up in the Community Library in the first place...

  29. thanks a ton! i wish i had the wherewithal to be able to create this pose by myself but i simply don’t hahah. once again, credit for that goes to

  30. SteeloreKaplanAK stole it from a figure uploaded to the Community Library by ToastyThommy, who used it with permission from me.

  31. I could have sworn they said we were getting a stripped down version of it by the end of the year and the full release next year but maybe I was dreaming

  32. No. They said it would not be released in 2022, and one of the devs said that because it completely replaces the existing face system, it can't be trickled out.

  33. Shame really, probably the most anticipated part of that trailer was the face customiser and kitbashing and they happen to be the two that got pushed back.

  34. Most anticipated because they're the most revelatory, most fundamentally different, and most complicated.

  35. I hope the last one is face costumization

  36. We've been told that both Kitbashing and Face Customiser will not be arriving this year.

  37. Wait, what do you MEAN you can't pose familiars added as Extras??

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