1. Made a couple preorders from them and about to receive my first here shortly. So far have been pretty happy with them. Super excited about revali soon.

  2. 10/10 would buy his album. Is it available on Spotify?

  3. I wish i look this cute when Open by accident my front facing camera..

  4. Damn, was about to say my luck it would be the first cut on a new blade.

  5. Oh wait…. Yeah no it was with a new blade 😂😂😂 I forgot hahhaha. I forgot I actually did just switch out to the new blade shortly before this. Hahahah yeah the blade was fucked 😂😂

  6. Throw it out and get a new one. The daughter that is. 😂

  7. It's you who also get the Slither Wing Shiny version days ago right? Congratulations on getting both of the shiny version Pokémon you love!👍

  8. Yes I posted about the slitherwing! Thanks!! They’re just so cute!! 😍😍

  9. Primuliflora prefer lower diffused lighting. They actually don’t like bright direct light like most other pings. Typically standing water for pings is no-go, but primuliflora like it, but lower light.

  10. It’s his signature move for sure. I’d record it, but I need both hands to catch his dumb ass otherwise it’s going face first into the ground. I guess his head is hard enough he’ll be fine… wouldn’t be a first time 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve heard him clock his head on a door frame turning around too fast. Sounded like cracking coconuts. Nope he’s fine, big dumb smile 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. Yes dog heads are very durable. I’ve seen the dog park shenanigans enough to know how much they can endure. Cracking coconuts though😂😂

  12. I just worry for his thick skull sometimes…. That one day he might damage his only brain cell 😩

  13. OMG REALLY?! Thanks for the heads up! Behr is gonna be famous on there! Dumdum gets all the attention from this page and I always felt bad I had no where to post Behr cause she’s not a retriever. So this is awesome!

  14. Oh the shinny version! It's so cute😻

  15. Regular version was sold out, but that’s ok because I loved the shiny version more 😍😍 I’m getting a regular one on him on all 4, then a shiny volcarona and larvesta as well.

  16. Sorry I lied, ordered from pokemongalarie. I forgot. Still HH studio though!

  17. I’m invested. Please update us after you’ve made your move.

  18. Worked with a journeyman when I was a second year who was like this and was dead serious. After a while I pulled him aside and asked if there was a problem. He was confused and told me no, and that he actually enjoyed working with me. When I asked him why he is so ass tight over little things he told me ,

  19. This man sounds like a legend… I’m not even in electrical (cabinet making), but I want to work under him now.

  20. First time ordering 2 things from then very recently, one is a preorder and one was in stock; and is supposedly on its way now, should get in a couple days actually. So if I remember to, I’ll update you on my findings. I was also hesitant about ordering from them cause I couldn’t find much info but they were the only place I could find that had a venusaur clone resin statue that’s sold out everywhere so and I was a little desperate to have a complete set….. so I guess we’ll see!

  21. Update! I got my first item from pokemonSW….. the clone venusaur that’s been sold out on all other sites… I was skeptical… but it just came in today, and OMG! I am in love!!! It is the legit figure and it’s soooooooo good! I wish I could post a quick pic in this link but I can’t. (If you’re super curious and want to see it that it’s legit and what not, dm me and I’d be happy to send pics! I’m so stoked!) I’m so happy and feel lucky that I was able to find the seemingly last site to have it in stock so now I can have a matching set for when charizard and blastoise are released!!

  22. I was also so disappointed. I wish they opened everything for the night instead of having a tiny selection. I don't think they anticipated this many people, to be honest. Just seemed disorganized. A shame because last year was super fun. Hopefully today is better.

  23. In their defence, they are def new to running a second day (first time this year) so them not anticipating a super large crowd is a fair assessment and I would hope people are a little understanding about it.

  24. If you scroll down in your link you posted, in big red font, it states at the EX version comes with 4 extra heads, rather than the regular 2.

  25. The Golden Retriever is a smart, ingenious breed. and yet, They are also at times complete silly boys and girls.

  26. That’s actually a very safe way for him to do it. My vet told me that because people are treating their dogs like family instead of “just dogs” and letting them up on couches and beds, they are getting joint and ligament issues much more often than they used to. They aren’t designed to jump down from those heights repeatedly. So ramps or steps are highly recommended, even or even especially for young dogs, so they don’t tear a ligament. Your dog has figured out a great, low-impact way of getting down.

  27. Yeah I wasn’t concerned… just showing his goofy ways is all.

  28. Our last golden had those exact same squirrels! He ripped them up eventually…so we got him more cuz he really liked them…and those got ripped up too…

  29. Those were the first toys I got for him as a puppy! They barely fit in his mouth at the time, sooooo cute. And I know they’re his favs, cause he hasn’t destroyed them like he has everything else.

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