Leaflet dropped on Nagasaki before the Nuke.

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

How it feels to use the Dragon knife spec

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  1. I mean does snow even exist in the south? 65% Serious question...

  2. January last year we had plenty... For the south anyway

  3. Catch me with a 68 followed by a 160 🥲

  4. peacekeepers from the UN? I don't think you want those rapist in there! China did Haiti a favor.

  5. I'd only worry about rapists if

  6. fantastic. the world needed this

  7. This happened a few days ago to with all gas no brakes guys. Seriously how hard is it to not be creepy or violent against people.

  8. Say what? Andrew Callahan?

  9. If anyone else wanders their way in here and the file permissions look fine, and you don't want to use a local temp dir, take a look at this post:

  10. Thank you! This helped a ton

  11. Nice. Do you throw everything in together at the same time or do you wait and add the veggies later?

  12. battle for the carolina coast soon come

  13. It's a big tik tok trend I think. Lil B has a lot of tik tok potential imo

  14. My father was a pilot in WWII. He flew a B-24 over Japan, and dropped leaflets warning the Japanese. His plane was selected for the leaflet mission since it was the only plane outfitted with radar (as I recall).

  15. That is incredible. Thank you for sharing, Mr. Spain

  16. that's 80 seconds of straight anxiety

  17. thanks for uploading, awesome

  18. left screenshot is halo 3 smh

  19. Oh yeah, the sad story. As a child, Putin was abused by his parents and peers. He spent most of his time alone. One day, while crawling around in the garbage, he found a PS2 and a disc of Ace Combat Zero. That was his only joy in life. He thought "When I grow up, I will be just like them!" Unfortunately, the place where he played his PS2 was just over a Siberian ligma burial pit. His ass became infected. Now he is a dying man. One day, Shoigu called the Make-A-Wish foundation and a clown came over. He put Putin on his lap and asked what his biggest wish is. And Putin shared with him. He didn't know that the clown was Shoigu himself and he was not even wearing make-up. But he promised Putin. He gave word of a moron that Putin's last wish will be executed exactly like in that game.

  20. I can't tell if I'm hallucinating or not

  21. Damn! I never hear about these shows in time to see them

  22. WC refs garbage across the board

  23. Lmfao the Ronaldo reaction cam

  24. 10 years on and it feels like little has changed except maybe more awareness. It's hard to gauge. Hard to feel hopeful though

  25. One of the last episodes of Half in the Bag was an episode of Best of the Worst, and was in fact the only episode of Half in the Bag to feature Josh.

  26. Josh actually appears in HITB 5 (Your Highness and Samurai Cop), but OP is talking about a time they were making the "this is the last Best of the Worst Ever" joke and Josh accidentally says it's the last Half In the Bag.

  27. oh snap I remember that, thanks

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