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  1. If I did this my Filipino mom would bury me alive.

  2. My only dream is to become a doctor. Hope y'all support me on this.

  3. Why he gotta look like that at the camera? Lol. To show his jawline? He can just literally look in front instead of looking like a crescent moon.

  4. I think the hate stems off from Dream's fans. I never have watched the guy but based off from some memes in this sub referring to his fans, I guess they are quite toxic thus the hate was projected towards him instead of his fans?

  5. Man I wish our pets would have a permanent slot for equipping. Why would they even give it for free if 99% of the time we either have the seed box or the lyre for sumeru equipped with us...

  6. They do, don't they? Once you equip them as a gadget they stay up, even after you change to a gadget.

  7. This is actually the first time I have heard and tried that. Thanks for the info!

  8. Tangina...Ako isang beses na lamg kumakain tuwing pumapasok at iyon ay pag nasa bahay na ako. Luto lang ng 2 itlog, saing ng kanin, tubig, aral, tulog na.

  9. Politics is crazy man...Making people turn on people ...

  10. I've been watching too much of that Mr. Krabs screaming meme that whenever I see a crab being destroyed or killed it just plays in my head...

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