1. It's a typo. I heart Jane messes up all the time and everyone seems to want to blame the dispensaries.

  2. All cultivators fail for mold at some point. It's nature. All your favorite cultivators probably failed for mold at one point or another. FACTS

  3. Space cowboy I remember having a seed problem. Heard it was garbage. That was a year ago though maybe they figured it out

  4. Where did you find the terpenes? I checked their website and couldn't find it. Saw bloom is selling it for $20 and Botanist is charging $38. Wanted to pick some up myself

  5. All about the money unfortunately. These big companies only care about moving their product. Try asking a bud tender how the flower is or product there and see if you can get an honest response. I hear some of these "pharmacies" will let other product orders sit so they can focus on restocking there's. So if you wonder why they are out...probably not out just showing you what they want to sell you.

  6. 5:1 or a 4:1 gummy. More CBD the better if you ask me. linalool and myrcene terpenes are great too:)

  7. It's nice to buy the meds they sell every 6 months on sale to remind me why I don't like the product. Botanist tries the same. Shitty flower... decent concentrates. Drop the price and just be the Bud Light in the game.

  8. Why did you black out all the pesticides/insecticides? you work for them? Suspect...Great picture though lol

  9. Sad that the majority of people don't tip or feel the need to like the Budtenders make this great pay. No one anywhere should be allowed to tell anyone to tip or not. If I get great service and someone really helped me who are you to tell me where my money should go?

  10. Koko is definitely one of their best hybrids. Nice deal too on some good bud!!!

  11. I agree, but there still is a lot of cool weed pics and reviews

  12. Tru Dat just encouraging more people to do so. Wouldn't b on this site otherwise

  13. We're not in Kansas anymore... Post something cool we all know Ohio prices suck

  14. If you have a low tolerance I would of got the 5mg capsules. .1 of that is like 60 or 70 mg. Who recommended you get such potent stuff?

  15. Straight sauce (buckeye) problem child (farkas). white linen (ancient roots) NYC Flo is nice too as mentioned before.

  16. It's crazy how many pure ohio pics I see as opposed to other growers. Makes me wonder how many marketing people are on this site. Close up with a nice camera looks nice but all the bud I've ever gotten from them was mediocre and cheap for a reason.

  17. Pure Ohio is probably the #1 selling Flower in the Ohio program. Of course there would be more pics of their flower

  18. Great opinion...#1 selling flower lmao..save up some money and try some more stuff.

  19. It's because these growers know that CBD isn't a big money maker like THC. With limited space they are only going to try and grow the biggest most potent plants they can clone.

  20. It's tested by weight from what my bud tender told me so the drier it is the higher it will test. Makes sense if you think about it.

  21. Great strain. Love the lineage. This and Lemon Dosi are Buckeyes best Indicas.

  22. The only thing really probably changing is your tolerance bro lol

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