1. Joemama Joestar would be better

  2. I mean he had a hard life, but he is a billionaire so not THAT hard lmao

  3. The joke is centered around Joker's pov on the difficulty of breaking the mentality of these two

  4. Tooru? You're kinda on the wrong part if you're trying to call him

  5. He's there to guide you right? Just like a dog, it wouldn't be good if they were bad boys

  6. i can see that. Little siblings/cousins barging into a room while someone has sex isn't that uncommon. And I feel that child would definitely be a little spooked afterward.

  7. I once when I was five I walked into my 16 year old cousin changing and saw her breasts, I wasn't traumatized but mostly confused as I thought she had balloons inside her body

  8. Imma send cops cus no one makes a homie fail NNN and get away with it

  9. Yeah just like I left my dad after telling him I was going to get groceries

  10. this reminds me of that one MLP episode where twilight had a flimsy horn

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