1. Jesus's teachings would make him more of a liberal than a conservative....

  2. What exactly is your point? I’m curious Are you a believer? Also, please tell me what the LORD thinks………..

  3. You said Jesus is with her, but if we believe that Jesus would support those who practice his teachings then he wouldn’t be supporting this woman.

  4. It's not authoritarian when they're enforcing the laws that were broken.

  5. Please make an intelligent argument I can only handle your small brains for short periods

  6. Lol keep talking… the funny thing is he showed me what he was talking about, ya know cause he’s nice. Dont know who got sand all in your clam but go dust it out somewhere else, thanks

  7. Wanna argue about abortion or racism? I’ll take either side for the sake of talking shit back and forth

  8. Omg this will make you fools cream your pants. Please don’t accuse me of supporting trump. He’s as much a moron as anyone voicing their dumb thoughts on this obviously bias media app. When you fools are in pajamas working for bread I’ll be giggling my ass off right next to you

  9. This application I’m on is racist So is my cereal bowl And my shoe laces

  10. I made a bunch of seeds to master this process I took a few batches to get it. Grow pot cheaply has good YouTube video

  11. I’m pretty sure high dose of k Less dose of N This forces bloom good sir More P last few weeks before flush Not bro science……

  12. Yes. My apologies. Auto from mephisto. That’s a (cdlc x double grape) x mango smile.

  13. My growth medium says it doesn't need any fertilizer either. And the guy that sold it to me stands by this. We bout to see cuz I'm getting ready to flower. This is my first time gro and I'm just using water and the Sun that God sends us. Big Rootz

  14. It’s almost as good in end and much easier and safer…..🦾

  15. Yeah I snapped a branch before and it is very frustrating when it happens so I'm glad to see someone getting good results with other methods

  16. It’s hard to tell . Could be genetic or a deficiency. And no she wouldn’t be using much N this late into flower . Cannabis shift from primarily nitrogen in veg to stretching in flower then transition to more of the P/K side of things then mainly K towards the end of life . She doesn’t look like she’s missing p/k from the upper picture of your lady , so I’m assuming it could be genetic .

  17. I live in a climate that gets 30 C regularly in the summer. My plants don’t get heat stress.

  18. My greenhouse has been over 110 degrees Over a week. Plants a straight vigor

  19. Second! Heats not as bad as cold. Get a little airflow and they do just fine, my girls got them thick bootys lol

  20. 12” rotating under and one over canopy, An exhaust fan at top and one box fan pulling air in front

  21. I tried last year fresh frozen. Did not do so well. It was grey??????

  22. Some autos take 8 weeks to start flower, and it takes 8 more weeks to finish

  23. I have one arm and one eye. I carve granite sinks by hand for a living. I have NO COMPASSION FOR THE SOFT🫡

  24. It’s 123 in my greenhouse My plants are thriving Worms are in garage currently devouring a honey dew🫡

  25. I contacted Mephisto…. Customer service just blew me off , 5 times Still fire, but fuck em I’ll run night owl now

  26. I’m so loyal to mephisto but also I’ve yet to try any owl seeds , I’m kind of cheap so the illuminautos are perfect for me but now I realize one whole pack didn’t pop so am I really saving?

  27. Yeah those random bag seeds are a last resort or for when I have enough space to whimsically experiment, no idea what they are all I know is they’re cannabis seeds haha

  28. I gre those NL seedsman They all grew 4’ produced NL smell and taste Last year 110 days in greenhouse It’s hot af out there

  29. Usually at week 4 I’m at like 400 ppms. Just check and see what direction the ppms are moving after you do a change out. You’re plant will tell you if it wants more or less

  30. I’m stay around 1000 and never have problems Multiple nutrients used in this manner

  31. You can smash them right after your dry….. Nugsmasher baby🤓

  32. I always transplant from a solo, to a 1 gallon, then into either a 3 or 5 gallon pot. The nutrient line I run gets vigorous root growth and I'll definitely get root bound if I skip the 1 gallon pot.

  33. Me too, I’m going from 1 gals to 15 gallon pots bottom feed outdoors. They are too big for greenhouse and they are only in 1 gallons almost two months from showing roots in cloner. They are about to explode

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