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  1. Sorry to derail a bit but the mention of pasta king brought back memories. What a blast from the past and people falling ovwr themselves to say it was healthy.

  2. Lol I used to get out of lesson 5 mins early so I could get the meatball pasta king as they used to sell out instantly :D

  3. Yessss . Am i remembering wrong or was there usually a choice of two pasta king on any given day like king meatball ans some second place contender usually a supposed cheese effort ..

  4. Yes there was a chicken tikka one I believe. Oh that shredded cheese on top was very limited for sure haha

  5. New York, found a raid clicked on it and there was like 18 people there allready

  6. okay but the rainbows are magic event for r6s was funny as shit so that makes up for the other side

  7. Still rocking that pink Tachanka skin from way back and sometimes I’ll use the montage pink butterfly shield

  8. If u wasn’t selling them through that god awful scamming company I’d probably be interested

  9. Fair tbh, shit sucks wont give me a refund and support is shit

  10. I think it’s thorne could be wrong. If u go on the south yorkshire police Facebook u will see they post about him every so often

  11. Tried to catch the normal one and it escaped every time. I want my remote raid pass back please niantic

  12. I just cant stand game shows. Tipping Point, The Chase, Pointless. All terrible but have a huge following

  13. Honestly nailed it too, got the trot down to a T

  14. Pure luck Honestly there’s no special technique or anything. I caught myne with the worst throw I could of done

  15. I live in between Doncaster and Leeds if its easy enough for you to get into Doncaster that be great tbh but I can meet you in Wakefield if that's easier

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