1. I miss me some good ole strawberry cough lol

  2. I've found it in cart form but really really really want to find it in flower. It's my favorite type of high.

  3. Big enough that it is a plank of the Republican Party. Remove that, and there are enough Christians to form their own party. Remember what happened to the Whigs when they waffled over slavery? That's how the Republican Party was born. Care to repeat history?

  4. But there aren't enough Christians to form their own party. There's more likely a mix of Christians and atheists who have a mix of conservative aligned beliefs. For instance I voted straight republican but I'm financially conservative and socially liberal. I'm not super pro abortion, but I not hardline anti either.

  5. Love that smell. Where can I buy that fluid?

  6. The thing I've noticed is I'm more apt to let the car coast when NOT using one pedal which translates into more Regen. With one pedal the Regen is forced and slows the car but in most circumstances it's too aggressive. With it turned off I find myself like in an ICE vehicle allowing the car to coast much more often. The Regen that activates when coasting slows the vehicle way less then the one pedal version.

  7. I drive mostly highway and find that one pedal driving is actually worse for range for me. Same goes for auto on the climate control. It's kind of annoying that the car isn't optimized for range on it's auto features

  8. Most folks use it for pain. People with cancer or undergoing treat etc. You can't smoke it because of the alcohol used to make it. Most folks I know cook with it or eat on something like granola bar.

  9. I have chronic knee and back pain so this interests me. Is it to be microdosed?

  10. You can always tell who hadn't been to church in a while bc they stand out when they say "And also with you"

  11. I have a case called the apothecarry weed box . Its priceys but it is beautiful and every box is unique and different becuase of the wood they use . And tge inside is beyond perfect for me

  12. I'll look into them. My kids don't go into my walk in closet often, but I want something that has the appearance of a watch case or a place to keep my valuables. Not something with Bob Marley smoking a joint with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. 😂

  13. the apothecary I have is really elegant looking . Like a jewelry box . Also they have a lock on them . . .if you are looking fir something simular also unique butvalot more cost efficient then check out upper room weed box on Amazon. . Awesome little box

  14. Check your DMS I sent you one I found yesterday on Etsy.

  15. I have the Edge. I do 3 sessions 4 minutes long per .2 gram bowls. 320f, 365 f, and 400 f

  16. I started at 350, but I'll see how the lower temp is. Thanks for the tips

  17. Different strains hit and taste differently too. I kind of pole around with the temps.

  18. I've only used this thing like 2-3 times but I definitely see the upside. I enjoy the flavor and the high so far has been quite enjoyable

  19. I want to know as well. I get my bolt euv tomorrow and I'm dying to get the windows done

  20. Not OP. I did 70 on the windshield, 35 all around and I wish I had gone darker.

  21. I'm going dark on the back for sure. We'll see about the doors

  22. I use Xfinity stream on my Roku. It's cheap and works well

  23. Can you send me a link to the black floor mats? I can only find gray.

  24. I asked my dealer about the transmission fix and they seemed to think mine was fine I guess by the VIN range? I haven't picked mine up yet. It's supposed to be ready to deliver on Friday

  25. I just did 120 miles round trip yesterday. Had the AC up high, and drove at 75mph.

  26. The dealer just texted and said they sold the ev but have a premier EUV. I know the ev gets better range, but I think I'll still be good with the EUV. hopefully.

  27. You asked this exact same question previously on this same subreddit.

  28. There’s cell phones now. Stay on your toes! Welcome back!

  29. Not sure if this will help you on your HD specific radio, but any radio I've seen defaults to the last input if it doesn't immediately connect to Bluetooth.

  30. I'm always connected to the phone and I think the last input is the WB. Might just be the way it is.

  31. Try switching to FM before you shut off the bike/radio. The next time it comes on will be your answer, hopefully.

  32. It took me 3-4 years to find one without a crazy amount of driving. Thankfully it was really clean. I'd hate to finally find one and it's roached.

  33. I've got an OG Road Glide Special. That color looked way better after I blacked out most of the chrome. 👌

  34. That’s the plan. Of course I need the initial bank account shock to subside otherwise the supreme leader might have me before the firing squad.

  35. First thing I check is the ends of the bars, crash bars and pegs. It's a quick easy way to tell if the bike has been laid down. Also ask them to start the bike cold. Feel the engine to make sure it's cold. I've gone to check out bikes that said "never been dropped" but the scrapes on the crash bars and pegs say different. 24k miles on a 2015 would be perfectly fine with me.

  36. How do you feel about mods? Aside from if they are my taste it not I'm not sure how much they should bother me. Part of me wants to buy one bone stock, but this one looks nice.

  37. If it’s the wet head then the water pump can be a weak point. But at that mileage I would Expect it’s been swapped out.

  38. It says it's air cooled. But I'll double check.

  39. I’m just trying to have enough for a month. I need to learn about and figure out how to store water and how much to store — but it seems impossible.

  40. Look into home brew corny kegs. Put good water in them and throw a little bit of CO2 on them and they'll keep for a long while. They are five gallons a pop and store easy.

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