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  1. The problem is that the people attempting to catch up are competing against scumbag flippers hiking prices with a shitty kitchen backsplash and people that aren't even from this area buying up properties as investments. Its absolutely exhausting and pisses me off to no end.

  2. Speculation: buy low, drs when price is higher. Similar effect to options exercised at high price?

  3. The only issue is DRSing shares bought through a brokerage can have a hell of a lag time. If the price is going to do its cyclical 3-4 month peak, I will try this with the few I do have in vanguard when the price cycles upward again.

  4. I like Burry, but do think he needs the occasional serving of humble pie to ground his god complex a bit. He can't ride his '09 success forever.

  5. That is pretty amazing. They don’t have enough information??? You gotta be kidding me. The entire derivatives market is hidden from the public…… The dark pools are unavailable to the public….. You invest in a company and have no idea what the actual short interest is. They don’t have the information? Unbelievable.

  6. lol we don't get to see a damn thing, now that they are in the dark they cry foul. Crybaby ass bitches don't like it when the shoe is on the other foot

  7. can this gather data from quarterly reports going back more than 4 quarters? Looking for something easier than manually combing through 10qs

  8. Who the heck makes chest and storage rooms which are easily accessible to creepers

  9. People who don't plan enough to take that into consideration (me). The clusterfuckery of random objects sprayed everywhere just leaves you looking at the screen in disbelief for a second, like a person that dropped a christmas ham.

  10. I think adding a few guidewire blockhangs as well as some snatch lock hook block tension pullers might stabilize the whole thing, or just ditch it all and go with a ferry line twist bushing / triple knot guide block.

  11. its bugging me that its been asked several times throughout the thread but op isn't answering.

  12. I just use a infinite lava source now a days for major smelting operations. Saves me a trip to the nether or using my 20,000 bamboo sticks

  13. infinite lava what now? You're going to have to tell me how to get that because it is going to save me a LOT of hassle and a LOT of buckets

  14. I don't mind that so much, but what I do mind is changing the meaning of current words. That 'in a minute' now means 'a long time' is stupid AF.

  15. I say this as an old fuck: when anyone says 'give me a minute', does it ever actually take a minute?

  16. I can already imagine the modern-mcdonalds inspired work-space architecture. Is there a name for that shit

  17. What is this wizardry? How is this possible?

  18. maybe I'm just tired after a long day at work but... where the FUCK does the coffee come from? Does it somehow travel through floating sand and teleport through the wall of the cup?

  19. Don't forget: The waiters and waitresses will also offer canned drinks poured into glasses and served with straws.

  20. Dave Lauer has spent his entire academic life studying the present market system and believes on the whole it's 'fine' with some bad actors. I think he's in denial, he just can't accept what's in front of his eyes, neither what we have shown to be true. If he accepts what we say his whole world collapses and everything he holds true is wrong. I like the man, to be honest, but I think he can't let himself believe that all the guys that run the markets are crooks.

  21. I also think that for his business venture to work, the system has to stay how it is to an extent. Its not to his advantage for things to break down completely.

  22. Thought I was the only one. There is something about high contrast shots of them that make them oddly beautiful. The more cluttered/chaotic the better. Part of me wants to travel the world and take shots of those knotted crazy ones you see in less developed parts of the world.

  23. The best nights are rainy nights, I find it very relaxing to drive in. (this song plays in my head)

  24. dumb question, but does metro take debit/credit cards now? I needed a coolant hose for my truck a while back and took an uber to autozone because I didn't have loose dollars/change lying around

  25. Servers can be set to invite only, so you have to apply for an invitation to become a member of a particular server.

  26. should some get through, what kind of system is in place to ensure stuff like this is moderated? Is the moderation public or does it still fall to certain individuals? I'm all for decentralizing things but as long as authority to oversee things falls to single people then that still poses a problem. Moderation needs to be democratic/community-wide.

  27. legit question.. who the HELL is sadie hawkins? were they the first person in history to dance in informal clothes or something?

  28. I haven't been for some years, but it was pretty great. For those of us weirdos who work hard at seeing all the cracks in the world, the exemplary and insane things that pass as normal, who find humor in bomb shelters, atomic weirdness, cults, Semiotext(e), UFOs, mondo whatever... it was fun to bring mundane folk there and watch their brains tie up in knots trying to normalize what they were seeing.

  29. There is a walk-through 'piece' right now in LACMA called Central Meridian that caters exactly to this need, down to the musty smell and old shit. I honestly want an exhibit with that style but super long where you can get lost for hours.

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