1. Just show him different matches, maybe this just isn't his style. There's tons more variety of matches out there. Show him something like WeeLC or a Shane vs. Angle KotR 2001.

  2. That’s not what I asked for what I asked for is that what should his punishment be

  3. There's no reason for him to be judged negatively just because he doesn't like the same thing you did.

  4. I'm just glad they didn't nerf shao Kahn too much in cutscenes

  5. No backwards thinking. Just not selfish thinking. I don’t expect anyone to ever hide anything ever on the internet because I use it. Ever. Nothing should be hidden.

  6. That's just idiotic. It's not selfish thinking it's actually quite the opposite. Using a spoiler tag still let's people interact with the post. It just also hides the image or description so that people who don't want to see it don't have to see it. You're entire argument is so incredibly flawed because using spoiler tags does nothing to hinder discussion. It only helps those who haven't seen it yet, not have to worry about it. It takes everyone into account which by definition is the opposite of selfish. I don't know why you're being so difficult over something as simple as common human decency.

  7. Because I’m tired of seeing people on here whine about “OH DUDE, SPOILERS!!!” YOU decided not to see something that already happened live in pro wrestling. If YOU are a fan, then you will know it when it happens, otherwise how could it possibly be THAT important to you if you’re still using apps that you literally subscribe to the type of content you’re whining about seeing for?

  8. Start explaining why the chicanery court scene in Better Call Saul is the best television ever created nonstop for 2 hours. Eventually they'll leave.

  9. This is such a stupid thing to care about. Hardly anyone is getting confused when someone calls "symbiote spiderman" the venom spidey.

  10. So tired of great talent being fucking idiotic and doing dumb shit like this.

  11. I hope Paul suffers worse than any comic character to ever exist.

  12. I really love the dogs jumping through the window jumpscare in RE1

  13. Writers aren't getting paid enough. They all went on strike. No writers now until pay better.

  14. He's not the only writer but yes. When a strike happens no one works.

  15. didn't know strikes could be forced on you. Thought it was just a form of protest.

  16. I mean it's not false. We can simply hear it. It seems you're the only one in the thread who doesn't believe it. If you're not too hot on Priest that's fine m8.

  17. I also hear the what chants and the lack of heat! Yes!

  18. I would feel safe anywhere that's gun free except the US

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