1. I’m cool with the repost I’m just warning you that my post got lazered by the mods last time so a repost probably won’t last long.

  2. OP is a chad for not being cliche and referencing J.K Rowling

  3. I thought a key idea of being against terfs is being against huge generalisations and stereotypes of peoples. Hypocritical to then be overly generalising and stereotyping of a group of people

  4. What about left wingers who like guns because gun control would mean cops having a lot more power?

  5. Morbid curiosity makes me want to know who this creator was. (if it isn’t fake of course)

  6. Actually way better than what I made. Plz make this meme instead and I will give you a very kind comment or something like that. 👍

  7. The Silent Generation didn’t save us from the Nazis, that was the GREATEST GENERATION. Silents are literally the most boring and forgettable generation. The only notable thing about Silents is that President Biden is technically one of them, but even then he’s like the most boring president ever.

  8. So the US has another civil war (who would have saw that coming). I want to know how China gets into WW3?

  9. In general I’ve never liked the idea of the Foundation being this hyper-powerful organization that rules the world behind the scenes and is centuries ahead of everyone else in technology.

  10. The fact that one of the most significant unifiers for Russia is literally just some random guy who happened to have royal blood that got kidnapped and forced to rule is funnier to me than it probably should be.

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