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  1. Unfortunately, I think, there will be a big dip within the next 24 hours. This is due to FUD published around the missed - assumed - bond payment due on 2/1. Which is prolly at midnight tonight.

  2. Any team that needs a large wing defender. 15 mil for that seems like the going rate. Plus Ben can give you at least ten points. I don’t think that’s a stretch. Plus you have to factor in that he’s going to turn it up in his contract year bc that’s what every player does

  3. No way. 15M for a wing defender? No. 10pts? Also no. His points are garbage points. For Ben to get 10 pts, he had to be on the court way too long destroying looks for his team

  4. Fans always underestimate what teams do lol you don’t have to believe it for it to happen. Only takes one team and multiple teams will be sniffing around

  5. If you don’t average down on dips then I don’t wanna hear no complainin’ !!!

  6. Does BBBY sell gooch massagers? Like, I know anything could really be a gooch massager but like do they make a specific massager for the gooch?

  7. Funny. I stopped getting these spam calls when I transferred my XX,XXX shares to CS. Might want to share this helpful tip with your client.

  8. Because BBBY is the closest in the basket to being another gamestop. Because RC just followed the crumb trail that BCG and shitadel left after trying to destroy gamestop. If BBBY goes BK(and doesn't turn around) the shorts never have to clear that debt and they create a hole in the basket and others in the basket will follow. BBBYs success or failure will effect the whole market. It is essential for Retail as a whole that BBBY survives.

  9. If this is true, then the price (enterprise value) of BBBY is trivial to RC!! Which would suggest RC is going to make moves

  10. Like why are there more posts about fucking gift cards than all the news that came out last week ?

  11. I was just st CVS in Chicago, fully stocked with bbby gift cards. I don’t ascribe any meaning to it either way

  12. I don’t think it means anything personally, just noise. I don’t think management is worried about gift cards now

  13. OP how did you eliminate a violation in reps and warranties? I didn’t follow your logic here. My understanding is this is still possible and cannot be eliminated. Fantastic write up, huge thanks sir

  14. Which clause you referring to specifically? When I get back from some errands I'll take a look and clarify my position.

  15. Don’t worry China has Made in China 2025 they don’t need international semiconductor technology lol

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