1. Man you're so lucky . I did 20 of these and didn't get 1 player over 83

  2. Drop Nunez (till he gets upgrade), switch to 433(5), LW - Danjuma CF - Sorloth RW - Oyarzabal CM1 - Bruno Fernandes CM2 - drop Odegaard for someone ?? CDM - Casemiro LB - for me - Gaya, then Espino(Powerhouse), then Yuri of cheap ones. (didn't try Moreno yet) CB1, CB2 - good for now. RB - i would rather play IF Diogo Dalot if TAA is tradeable OR IF Maffeo. GK - look to get Ederson(Brazil links) but Emiliano is okay for start.

  3. For fun, if u want, try Luis Suarez, De La Cruz, Espino and Araujo links, or you can get Suarez and GK Rochet with liberatoders manager for full chem. Suarez with Hawk♥️

  4. Santi Cazorla to answer your last paragraph

  5. Last year while Chelsea was suspended beacuse of Abramovich they didnt get special cards. They do get them usually.

  6. Heading is just manual so it’s harder to score in general.

  7. I think they have some decent players but after a few weeks you'd struggle to not have better players imo.

  8. Yes, Seria A is always cheap but still good cards there will rise in price a lot as more players start playing... Eredivisie is overlooked while EA is giving them new special cards all the time. And for me personaly it's fun having a team that not many have and being still competitive and meta considering key stats.

  9. Uninstall origin, install EA app and you will play the game within 11 hours from now, as soon as the clock hits 00:00

  10. Do i still get to play with my account i've already made a starter squad on in my origin if i switch to ea app. (Sorry if the question is confusing :)

  11. The account and everything is the same, it’s just the launch client that’s different. Everything else stays the same, except that from now you’ll be launching the game via their “latest” EA app :)

  12. Im obsessed with 41212 (2)! Tryed a lot of formations but only this gives me enough passing options in attack especially with one full back going forward.

  13. People who work for EA. And there are people who work at stores that will the game will always sneak it early.

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