1. Earn money and chill, kya dating shating, when u have it, it glows sab piche ghumenge. Just PG me ghusja badiya govt. College meh.

  2. Pg govt college me jake ,gf ban jati hai confirm ?

  3. Confirm, jese jese tu 26-27 years hit karenga, tab larkilog secure BF dundenge jiski future stable aur settle ho, cause many girls by then will understand how hard it is to earn also the best part of the story, u are giving them a dignity a name associated to urs, any girl would love to roam in ur GODDAMN SUV with a sunroof 💯

  4. Porasuna nijer nijer chutiya, tu parenga tujhe aiye, tu nahi par toh AIIMS kya bhagwan bhi kuch nahi kar payega tera.

  5. Diagnosis: Paederus dermatitis

  6. As doctors we’re taught ethics and respecting our patients. If the patient wants to indulge into multiple sexual activities, let them be, you’re no one to judge them. All you’ve to do is advice them about safe sex , provide treatment and give them the pros and cons. You cannot shame them. Also using derogatory terms like whore coming from doctors is a new low, even supreme court has now officially published a list of words to be replaced with certain words, which includes whore, slut etc. If someone is a hindu and the other person is a muslim, you cannot coerce either one of them to follow your religious opinions or if you’re vegan or non vegan, can’t force the other one about the same. Then why does it come to the LGBTQ community and especially women having multiple sexual partners, most of them won’t have any qualms if it were men. You can have multiple sexual partners as long as you’re indulging in safe sex practices. It only takes one person to give you an STD and unfortunately it could be your life partner also to whom you lost your virginity to. This is infuriating. Since when having multiple sexual partners become a psychiatric disorder. People can have different belief systems. You want a loyal partner who is a virgin, go for it, don’t shove your stupid ideology down our throat. When your parents are looking for rishtas make sure uou check for the hymen also. It is so absurd. It makes my blood curdle! This will simple make people lose faith in the doctors and they won’t come seek help from a doctor who will judge them for their choices. They are not you, you should impose your choices and opinions on yourself and not impose it on your patients! And how easily madam has said sex workers can have other jobs. She needs to leave her delusional world and get in touch w reality where there is human trafficking and forced child sex workers. What about rape victims then? Bloody ignorant delusional hypocritical motherfuckers. A shame to our noble profession.

  7. Exactly 💯, too perfectly stated 😂. Smart one !

  8. It’s the majority of the people who just want the easy degree and not wanting to put in the work is what is sullying the reputation, otherwise I have seen so many brilliant FMGs who didn’t have a choice and had to go abroad come back and blaze through PG here and lead fantastic lives one of my seniors is a DM Neurosurgery who did it from AFMC Pune but did his UG from the Philippines

  9. Eligibility of PG in AFMG included "UG from India" in proforma. Rather the"only" college for which u need to select the Army college criteria while filling jn the PG form.

  10. Me, as a vet student am looking to get into something similar but the worst part is there's no pre requisite path that is set up because of the rare knowledge about pvt vet jobs. Where should I seek info ?

  11. IIM should be ur go to choice if u want to make the revolution.

  12. Anyone from Gautam Nagar? Medico preferably. Tq

  13. Only for the intellectuals, for eternity.

  14. State Bank of India, Tanishq, Titan Eye, Pantaloons, they didn't disappoint me tbh ☮️ ✌🏼

  15. Patients ke liye personal life chor de kya! E bhi toh insan hain hi hain my brother from neighbouring mother. Doctors work on shifts. Samjhe wise man?

  16. lol after reading the title i thought that 3crore rupees are hidden by someone inside these roads

  17. Up me sand ? Muze lagta he ye video rajastan ki he kyuki up me jyadatar area soil (mitti) se bana he aur waha itni sand kahase ayi 🗿

  18. Rasta banane seh pehele sand layering kiya jata hain, side me dekho green grass .

  19. Creating a generation of fools? 🙌🏽 Why o why

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