1. It's BM Hunter, but if you really want to rule that out... maybe destro warlock or balance druid.

  2. Kinda sucks as a healer that the only decent healing trinkets drop from raid... except I have to raid as DPS because my guild has so many people wanting to heal, so I'm down to having to open my vault as resto to fish for trinkets and pugging normal because I'm not going to win an off-spec roll on something like Molten Heart until every main spec healer has already gotten one.

  3. You can just right click your portrait and set your loot spec to resto. Then even when your dps, resto stuff will drop

  4. That's what I do in PUGs and things like LFR, but when running with a regular raid team, I'd get bitched the fuck out if not gkicked for rolling on a best-in-slot healing trinket over the raid healers just because I run resto in M+.

  5. The locker-room scene from The Covenant.

  6. I was stunned to learn that the director of that movie is a straight man.

  7. I watch it when I want to jerk off. When I'm not jerking off, I don't think about it.

  8. No, the alchemist trinkets aren't considered to be embellished items.

  9. Nope, once done it can't be undone.

  10. If I feel like being social: go out with some friends for a drink at the bar or a dinner hangout

  11. Snapped photos of my DILF neighbor mowing his lawn shirtless so that I could jerk off to them.

  12. Because if it was open on release then they may as well just mail you a piece of tier every week. You not only get FREE crafted gear, you also get FREE tier whenever you log in.

  13. How would I get gear to convert in the catalyst just by logging in?

  14. By literally having gear prior to catalyst being out?

  15. Right, gear obtained by doing content, not "free gear just for logging in."

  16. It's fun for nostalgia, but even at the time it was released, everything except things like maps in the books were almost immediately outdated by patches and tuning and hotfixes.

  17. What CPU would you pair with a 3080 GPU for 1440p gaming?

  18. Same thing the last time it happened, "Good luck, I hope it all goes well. If you're ever back in town, maybe we can grab a drink."

  19. Kevin Samuels (RIP) said to Gen X women for 2 years 'Winter is coming, and the government will not save you'. Worst part is that anyone who followed economic trends could see he was absolutely correct.

  20. If this was France, we'd have a system of government designed to be more responsive to public opinion.

  21. Same thing the last time it happened, "Good luck, I hope it all goes well. If you're ever back in town, maybe we can grab a drink."

  22. Full on fake picture/catfish? Immediately leave.

  23. I've never been in a relationship where it was any less than 2-3 times/week if we're counting anything from full-on fucking to just oral or laying in bed and jerking off together.

  24. I honestly never saw the point. If a bathroom is so disgusting that wiping off the seat isn't good enough, I'm hovering or I'm going elsewhere.

  25. Top Ramen with an egg, some scallions, and all the hot sauce.

  26. Like 5? Feel like I have a normal relationship with my mom... we talk/text regularly and I keep her in the loop on goings on in my life, but no one gets a veto on my decisions unless they're paying my bills.

  27. I believe in God, but don't see the need to follow any particular organized religion.

  28. It took me 2 drops that were both +30 ilevel upgrades for a sim to tell my balance druid to dump his 4-piece set bonus, they're pretty strong.

  29. Unless it's something like an IRL meetup with an internet friend I've known for months/years, my max travel time for a first date is like an hour. Any longer than that and let's meet somewhere in the middle.

  30. There's no version of "scrapping" gear from Shadowlands or Dragonflight content, and no way to relearn professions once dropped (though I do think you may keep your knowledge points, since you can't use dropping and relearning a profession to reset them)

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