1. It’s currently $130 on It was on sale last week for $78 on Amazon but I waited too long and they sold out. Still much cheaper than the official Hyundai one.

  2. I got my Lectron for $78 last week even before my ioniq arrived. Was sold out like 2 hours later.

  3. I was able to close the sale, but Amazon emailed me a week later canceling the order due to insufficient inventory. :(

  4. Ugh. I noticed it was shipped by Amazon but sold by Wasserstein which is a company that makes stuff for camera, doorbell etc.

  5. My dealership is doing $500 off any car. (Excluding palisades, EVs and Hybrids).....

  6. Ok dumb question. How do you update? Got a 2023. And shows an update button under SW Info/Update. But when I hit it it says Please check the device containing the update files and they again.

  7. Go to download the computer software program to download the update onto a USB flash drive.

  8. Oh thanks, thought it was supposed to be over the air....

  9. The amount of Apps I have on my phone that look like houses is ridiculous.

  10. Look closer. The Ford ain’t no EV. That’s more egregious than the Teslas in my books.

  11. Looks like the Ford Plug-In Hybrid. I have the same car and the Plug-In Badge is super tiny. Short of that badge and the charge port in the front driver side area you couldn't tell its a partial EV.

  12. Ok update, went back to the dealership for something and had the general manager look at the hole. He believes whoever installed the license plate holder installed it off center. He is going to have me drop it off after the holiday's and remove the whole plate, figure out where it was supposed to go, patch any holes and put it back on correctly.

  13. " I told them to patch it, but they are telling me not to worry about it, the license plate cover will cover it. "

  14. Well I signed for the car, but I made them put it on the we owe you sheet that they need to fix it.

  15. Frunk on the I5 isn't totally useless. In my AWD frunk I can easily fit a jug of wiper fluid, charger cable, V2L adapter, tire pump, and flashlight.

  16. I dont understand why the frunk is so small. All the other cars it competes with MachE, Model Y have huge frunks and they also have dual motors. Did hyundai sacrifice a bit more space inside for less of a frunk? If so I'd rather have it the other way around.

  17. I'm amazed Andrioid Auto and Waze doesn't integrate better with the car. Even on my Ford Escape using Waze it will consider that the primary NAV if using it. Even works in the HUD.

  18. I feel like this should been named the Ioniq 3. Would make sense for smaller cars to have a smaller number. If the Ioniq 7 comes out and it's a large SUV the numbers are going to start confusing people.

  19. Just got an update they are sending the watch back.

  20. Did you get the watch back? I got same message this morning.

  21. Yep got it last week. Seems to be working well. Knock on wood

  22. I'm still waiting for my car to come in (was supposed to be in on the 7th) but I got a 3.49% rate from Amer1can Credit union for 60 months. (looks like they still have that rate)

  23. 2.0 is the "old" version, the one on the right looks like the current one. IIRC they added some mild wax/sealant to it and changed the abrasives, and dropped the "2.0". 1.0 used DAT (diminishing), 2.0 used SMAT, I honestly don't recall what abrasive type the new one uses.

  24. When I bought the car it came with 100k mi warranty on the batteries and the motor. I paid an additional $3k to cover anything that goes wrong with the car for same time period. Figured that’s probably the cost of a repair on an EV anyway, so why not?

  25. 3k seems expensive for an extended warranty. I've been looking but unlike my Nissan and Ford which I was able to buy a 10 year 100k bumper to bumper extended warranty I haven't found a volume dealer for hyundai that sells one cheap.

  26. Mine bricked yesterday. 3 different calls to Samsung, finally they sent me a prepaid overnight label to send it back. Pretty pissed right now.

  27. Is this supposed to be made public when you're beta testing and maybe breaching an NDA agreement..?

  28. There is no NDA for a reward program

  29. OP, have you participated in previous betas?

  30. I just updated to this about 20 minutes ago. The watch will not turn on anymore. Was fine before this.

  31. I updated today (11/10) around 11am and my watch will no longer turn on. I've sent a bazillion emails to samsung and called multiple times. So far no help.

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