Wiener Mobile Entering Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel

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  1. He’s already getting into trouble by taunting other inmates that he will kill them like he killed her and fighting. He’s proud of himself. To hear him speak he sounds like a neanderthal with a cave mom that kicked him across the ground when she gave birth and walked away.

  2. It’s always a good time when someone finally takes down their trump flag 😂

  3. The My Little Pony stuff really lets you know about somebody too.

  4. Oh sorry I was thinking about a slide of school shooters bedrooms I randomly seen. If there was maga flags there was a glittering my little pony corner most likely a rainbow dash sex toy if not a full on furry shrine. Sometimes a jar with a jizz covered pony toy in it. Everytime.

  5. Cant help with a real ID. But I would call it a SCREAMER!

  6. No but you can multitask while talking to customers. I worked for a call center a long time ago. My boss was chill and let me bring a Gameboy to keep myself occupied while on calls.

  7. You didn’t need to say long time ago since you already said gameboy. It’s different 30 years later lol.

  8. I guess I probably should have said DS.

  9. His mom must have really told him every day before school not to worry about that hairline and that he is a fierce little rapper rocker boy no matter what they say. And he believed her.

  10. Everything else aside I’m not going to make fun of his hairline it’s not like he has a choice to stop balding

  11. Barry Manilow and Led Zeppelin posters together? Kid had some diverse musical tastes.

  12. That Star Wars poster is probably worth a couple bucks even in that condition. Oh and the naked bicycle chics. Somebody will want that for historical archive purposes of course…

  13. So Singapore. Possibly Sierra Leone or Oatmeal, Texas. I’m safe.

  14. Oh my I can smell those roses. They have to be one of the most scented of all.

  15. Marie Curie did not pioneer research in radioactivity for us to sit here and listen to op give up.

  16. I’m sorry but the albino couple are scaring the shit out of me.

  17. Sitting gently between nuclear holocaust and planetary asteroid impact.

  18. I just did it and I was kicked off for no reason... I did it perfectly everyday at the right time. I messaged them and I will let you know if this is a mistake but if this is the case I think it's so not worth it...

  19. I expected this. I’ve messaged them before and they refused to elaborate on how one could be “kicked from study”. I think they are studying how to piss someone off from booting them randomly from a study. Other wise…drink a cup of water? What kind of dystopian situation would require data from such a study? Tyvm for reply. It contributes to our fringe study of what the hell is going on with the “cup of water” study.

  20. The truth is. They said there is 99.50% percent chance of keeping fund if you don't upload it everyday so in that case I should of just never sent pictures.

  21. When you could be a white boy and not be judged for your emotions or acting out.

  22. Yeah if you see this phot only you may think it’s a wart, but if you consider what I described, it’s not.

  23. How do you know they “couldn’t be removed” per title? You failed to chew them off so they are definitely not butt cancer?

  24. America, where the cops shoot you 12 times and still think your enough of a threat to put in handcuffs

  25. Was that them coordinating instinctually to pretend…no. I must be crazy. Pfft.

  26. My source is just my old institutional director from back when I was a lab technician at a neurotoxicology research laboratory. His speciality was peripheral neuropathy and he strongly advised that I avoid pyrithione, and use selenium sulfide instead.

  27. So by theory we are to assume you just took his “advanced” advice with no level of 1 2 3 understanding of how he arrived at that assumption? So much so you can’t even state the fluid facts that would be acceptable in this setting of trying to convince someone else that didn’t have the long term emotional bond you had but in no way factually influential bond with some random guy? I mean his ex wife could have fucked the CEO from Head & Shoulders in the 90s and now here we are. You have a fact based on some dudes slut wife that we are supposed to put in stone. Help me out here.

  28. Don't use the shampoo, use the conditioner.

  29. Humans need those bubbles to get the oils off. But if you skin one yeah try the conditioner.

  30. This is such a big opportunity for anyone to join.

  31. How do you mean? Is this new or a time tested opportunity? How was your experience :)

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