The GME Thread, Part 3.14, for January 27, 2021

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  1. conspiracy of the day: orlando is run by disney who is run by china who is run by lizards

  2. There's a lamp repair store off of Aloma and 436.

  3. Nah man, automatic weapons are TOTALLY the root cause of all the crime and gun violence in the city/county. We should ban anything black poly too, cause they is scary assault weapons...

  4. Criminals will find a way to get strapped.. most these are pistol whippin gangbangers don’t act like ppl lighten ppl up with ARs down the road

  5. I generally stick to Reuters for my general “what’s going on today?” News. I also subscribe to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, but I’m aware of their editorial biases.

  6. What about active moneymove$ any good financial sub Reddit’s or like news apps for that or do u get it all from there

  7. The first website I visit in the morning is Reuters. It’s the best news by far. Unbiased and incredibly reliable. I feel I get the real news before I delve into the fake news on social media.

  8. Trump and the GOP making wearing masks political was one of the most murderous, stupid things that has ever been done.

  9. Thoughts on this... what about every democrat big Corp store you see.. they all say wear a mask due to government guidelines.. it’s threatening harmful to society. So the idea of mask is that you need to listen to science.. the right rejected this.. they all said we don’t need to wear mask bc we are healthy and don’t care abt the virus.. anybody who is on the left looks at a person with no mask and gives them a snarl.. that is politicizing.. making it to where u have different views and u look/judge someone bc u have an indifference.. it’s called division.. the people behind the scenes knew this was the first step

  10. Could not agree more on the social media part.

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