Guy makes insane house for a frog

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  1. Yeah it’s a mass dial there would of been a wooden pole or stick in the middle to let people know what time mass was at.

  2. Who even are the British? When I hear British I normally associate with someone famous from England who doesn't want to say English for whatever reason?

  3. You’re only British if you win a big sporting event and if you lose you’re back to being Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh 😂

  4. It’s just a discoloured/tarnished £1 coin unfortunately only worth face value

  5. Didn’t Ian Paisley senior once say we can run the government without SF? So why can’t everyone else run it without the DUP?

  6. Do Irish people know how to spell Patrick? It's 100% Patty.

  7. I’m Irish, I’m called Patrick and get called Paddy, not Patty, that’s a girls name, it’s short for Patricia over here

  8. Absolutely brilliant, the sound of his voice when he recognises him and knows he’s safe now 👌🏼

  9. Doubt that, they are making a fortune off me and a lot off other people in the UK every week

  10. Title is wrong. They are shooting at a British army outpost ontop of the Broadway Tower in West Belfast

  11. I was there last summer, great pub. There was also a great smell of weed outside when I was going in. Is that true belfast?

  12. Yeah that’s starting to be the norm in belfast, I work in the city centre and that’s all you smell, people just smoking J’s like fegs lol

  13. Is it the body and legs of a Cellar spider/ Daddy long legs or definitely pubes, think I need to see an optician lol 👓

  14. Normally when there’s rioting at the Ardoyne shops, the community workers try to keep a lid on it.

  15. Try to keep a lid on it? On sending kids up to clear drug debts or just rioting in general?

  16. County Londonderry was originally county Coleraine.

  17. Wasnt it named County Coleraine first when it was took off the O Cahans because it was the main city, then changed to Londonderry by the livery companies?

  18. A cassette tape, haven’t seen one of those in a while, some people mightn’t even know what that is never mind the metal block lol

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