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  1. Complete garbage product I just canceled my prescription because it lasts great for about 10 minutes and then dies off does not work

  2. Here's the deal and here's the reason why she had to say something people suck anymore they can't mind their own business and they have to say something bad so they can feel good as soon as you leave she only said it cuz she's miserable stuck behind the counter while you're out roaming around eat a dick sandwich and hold the bread lady

  3. And heads up as far as the acceptance rate being a factor I don't think it is my acceptance rate is at 69% and it doesn't even matter still super slow and still getting $2.75 orders to go 12 miles one way and 12 miles back

  4. Doordash was like rollerblades cool for a minute and now no one cares about them that's how life is hot one minute cold the next I quit doordashing because I had the same problems it's just not worth it anymore all I was getting out of doordashing lately was a sore back from sitting in my car so damn much

  5. I work at a Pizza Hut and I am a felon for selling marijuana in 1998 when it was illegal unfortunately never should have been anyways they don't care about your criminal record as long as you're not a freak weird pedophile it's all about the driving record they call it an MVR motor vehicle Report that's all they care about tickets driving in fractions good luck bro I've been driving with Pizza Hut in Washington State for 15 years make pretty good money

  6. I love when you can't see or read the house number cuz there's no lights and then you walk up to the door and you knock on it and then they turn the light on WTF

  7. This whole post seems like you’re mad at people or/& yourself really ‘trashy’ looking people, fuck your judgements & the insecurities that ooze from you by posting this in the DD sub fr… keep that bs to yourself

  8. Little sensitive there aren't you why I must have struck a nerve you obviously are one of these trashy scumbag doordash drivers I'm sorry to hurt your little feelings or step on your scumbag thoughts have a nice day and don't forget to take a shower and wash your hands scumbag

  9. You're a grandmother wow what a piece of washed up piece of scumbag SHIT of a grandma you must be I've never heard Grandma's talk like this but anyways I was just stating the facts the truth is the truth there are scummy people and they do fucked up shit and I saw it so I thought I'd talk about it and then it must have hurt your feelings cuz you have probably taken food to the bathroom as well you sick mother fucker fuck you eat a dick sandwich and hold the bread BITCH FUCK YOU & YOUR SOUL

  10. I know what you mean and I feel your pain I live in Washington state and it used to be a gold mine where I live and now it is so terrible I have to wait 45 minutes at least to get my first delivery when I start just like you said and it's usually always 15 miles for 375 or something ridiculous I don't know what is happening with doordash but I am honestly thinking about quitting cuz this sucks there's no money anymore what is happening

  11. Just FYI each level of busy just means an order has gone thru all dashers and has been declined by all dashers currently on a dash.

  12. I always wondered what indicated busy like what determined it was busy out there I have never heard this or knew about this that is crazy and I know some people are going to be like you're an idiot you didn't know no I didn't know I've only been doing this 6 months so I'm learning as I go but that is unbelievable crazy thanks for the knowledge

  13. Classic little red headed stepchild screaming and hollering and carrying on like a little mouse they should have just stepped on him while he was laying on the ground I hate kids like this

  14. I know what you mean I've never had a unicorn neither my best tip is like $24 and I've had 1,500 deliveries

  15. Were you delivering the poop & drink? (Stacked order)

  16. In Longview Washington & use to get orders as soon as I completed the current order at hand- & now same shit here about 2 or 3 orders per hr & only 1 of them sometimes is worth a fuck.. WTF is happening 😳

  17. Summer . Teen jobs . College kids economics ressesion more driver less orders

  18. Yeah you're right but either way it sucks doesn't it

  19. To bad a picture is only worth a thousand words & not a thousand dollars Still very nice

  20. WTF u driving? A Hummer? Goddammit

  21. You finally arrived to the moon & they're like no we didn't order shit, wrong address...

  22. Jesus christ, it just goes to show that ANYONE can dash- even "stoopid people"

  23. Acid Bath is & was one of a kind No disrespect but Dax is on another level 💯 There will never be another...

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