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  1. Dude the Deep South loves our corn bread

  2. the starting QB of one of the teams has 20+ women accusing him of SA and is still in the league

  3. He plays for my favorite team the browns and it’s been an awkward off season for us

  4. My big question is does he still say that shit. If he does then fuck him die in a hole but hopefully he has learned the error of his ways and how much that can hurt people.

  5. This is going to be some tough gamey meat, FYI. Adult laying hens or roosters are very very different from the meat hens we're all used to.

  6. Soak that sucker in wine and it’ll be great

  7. Just gotta be careful not to get any on the bottle neck cause it’ll never come off

  8. Literally thinking the same thing. My poor dogs nerves are shot.

  9. taste whatever you wanna taste

  10. I like to use both just depends on what I’m cooking

  11. There’s a difference between passion and being an egotistical asshole. A lot of the the people who compete are really cool

  12. He talks on a podcast all the time about gear and his experiences. 90% of the ifbb pros admit they take gear.

  13. Exercise. It has completely changed my life and I now have a career in fitness

  14. Pretty sure that’s 90% of Dairy Queen’s

  15. I’m always afraid if I say thanks during a failed rez people will take it the wrong way

  16. “You guys, when I poo my entire colon makes a random appearance like Rob at Kourtney’s third wedding. Do you think I might have to be careful when I labor for hours to push out an 8 pound infant? Maybe I should ask my obgyn?”

  17. No if you stick these specific crystals up there it’ll fix it. Obgyns know nothing. /s

  18. I worked at a dq in the south until recently and it was an absolute nightmare.

  19. is there not other exercises like rows and lat pull downs that i could do to replace it? i use those two so other ones i was just using those as an example

  20. Yeah seriously. Wanted to give my input before the legions of shit slinging haters come in. Good on Arin, really physically disadvantaged but still did it for Charity. Good for him.

  21. Dude took some pretty big hits and handled them well

  22. Yes, I am doing MP and true novice. I haven't taken posing seriously and this was just a couple of post workout pics. Considering a coach for that and overall contest prep.

  23. Someone committed suicide by jumping off of our stadium stands and some students found the body the next morning

  24. It's like bodybuilding. You have less than 0 chance of winning if you're not taking steroids and other stuff as well.

  25. You won’t even get your pro card if you don’t use gear

  26. Just bought it on ps5 it’s a great game

  27. I went to the last spring break at PCB before the new law was put in place because of the shootings. Shit was wild on the beach! One of the most fun times of my life. Sucks that spring break has gone so downhill there.

  28. I was there too. It was fucking crazy

  29. They probably all aren't running because of drugs. It's probably because there are cops and they're a bunch of teenagers drinking.

  30. It also could be because pcb prohibits drinking on the beach at all

  31. Destiny 2 has given me a ridiculous amount of joy and hate

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