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  1. Why is everyone shrugging off the BK possibility when it’s still a very viable possibility. Not shilling here just feel like we shouldn’t shrug it off entirely. I’d prefer M/A but the latter can be just as true

  2. How about you grow some motherfucking hair on your balls son? It’s either M/A and Valhalla or nothing. Shut your damn mouth and buy the goddamn dip if you want to ride this crazy train.

  3. Bro the items just have teddy in the name. This is dumb af

  4. This is what the sub is becoming. Finding good DD is a needle in the haystack. It’s there but everyone keeps upvoting so much garbage

  5. Look what I found: "If a company intends to stay in business and files a Chapter 11 bankruptcy — which is designed to restructure a company’s debt — it will often honor gift cards and store credits at their remaining locations or online platforms, Consumer Affairs said."

  6. Please stop upvoting this garbage. This won’t happen with BBBY

  7. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. Sharing insights from the hertz and revlon bankruptcy events, I hope, helps people stay positive no matter which direction bbb goes. We must trust the process.

  8. There’s positive attitude and then there’s DELUSION. Trying to find a narrative or previous examples as comparison under completely different circumstances will lead others down a very bad road into doubling down a potentially terrible investment. So it needs to stop IMHO. If they choose bankruptcy route there is basically a 97% chance your shares are toast.

  9. Pleas stop upvoting this garbage. Used car sales went through the fucking roof during Covid. It had valuable assets specifically at the time. It’s a once in a lifetime event

  10. Another weekend without any discernible evidence of wtf is going on. I hope this ride ends us into the stratosphere

  11. Finally someone who says it straight. All these points you made are indeed strange and I’m not quite clear why they didn’t just go with bankruptcy already if they keep hinting it. It doesn’t all add up. While I remain bearish I have a sliver of optimism left

  12. Because no one confidently knows whether it’s going to choose bankruptcy or not.

  13. So it is just a perfect 50-50 split essentially? Why isn’t volume higher?

  14. I def bought into the M/A theory with RC involved in towel stock because it would also capitulate short activity in many basket stocks as the theory was proven to be correct, the major one being GameStop. But now all signs point to BK for towel stock which in effect would diminish everything we hold on to. I mean we all know the price is suppressed, and tbh I would like GME to be released from the suppression sooner than later. But it’s not happening. Don’t we at some point want to move on or at least find a way to beat the fight once and for all?

  15. That’s not true. They could easily have installed a bankruptcy specialist to the board because she may be preparing for bankruptcy

  16. This is not good news. The company indeed defaulted on their ABL. I would think JPM would waive a default if an acquisition was almost done, but I can also see them forcing the default if they don’t want the execution risk of the deal closing.

  17. So it seems like the board, in fact, did not take any cash payments which would steer us into the scenario that it may be going bankrupt after all. Unless I’m readying these new reports wrong.

  18. I mean he’s clearly trolling but evidence of more store closures and warehouse closures is not good by any means

  19. Sorry for all the requests for hopium. But please just tell me M/A is still in the cards. NFA

  20. What's your take on the board payouts, given the current context?

  21. Unless someone can correct me I don’t think they have any legal recourse even if they end up declaring bankruptcy. I’m not an expert with this so take my comment with a grain of salt. What I don’t get is why the CEO didn’t take the vested shares.

  22. Well the new information that is actually important is that they are defaulting on their loan. That part is NEW and it is NOT GOOD. While there is still a sliver of optimism considering all the strange moves recently This sub needs to accept the fact that defaulting on a loan IS NOT GOOD AT ALL and writes BK on the wall. I’m not happy about it but that’s what it is…downvote away

  23. I don’t think it is but we are nearing denial stage

  24. My only confusion on this possible M/A is who the fuck wants to take on all that debt? It’s kind of a lot

  25. For a guy with supposedly hundreds of thousands of dollars invested you really are just a scared little shill boi aren't you?

  26. God damn it this is new information I can’t quite compute. I just liked the company and want it to prosper. Why can’t this sub just give a straight answer. Why would the board opt for cash instead of shares.

  27. The board of BBBY collectively decided to pay these vested shares out in advance, they will use the proceeds to buy a night with Jim Cramer's wife.

  28. I mean, fair enough, but I don’t think bond holders and the like would look kindly on it either in bankruptcy proceedings.

  29. Me too, I’m saying it’s a positive sign imho

  30. Someone else commented that when they choose cash instead of RSU it essentially means they don’t believe the stock will ever go higher again.

  31. My view is that if this was truly an obviously bad indicator, the stock would have tanked in after market.

  32. Here’s what I don’t understand. If they are taking cash instead of shares meaning they think the shares won’t rise any further doesn’t it imply it could also be a potential bankruptcy procedure??? This is what I don’t get. I want to believe this is bullish news but what if it’s not

  33. Omg please tell me how much GME you have just curious

  34. I have a better and more important question. Have you read ANY of the previously written DD?

  35. A solid amount of DD so far has amounted to nothing, that’s why he’s making this statement. I still believe in the turnaround but let’s not use that statement as a rebuttal. A lot of the DD in this sub is speculation/garbage.

  36. Then you haven’t done enough of your own. I’m 100% comfortable because I’ve done my own in addition.

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