1. it sound like coldhearted, and it doesn’t sound jus like “yuh” it sounds like “yuh uh uhhh” some shit like that

  2. doesnt sound like it, sounds more like redd coldhearted to me but i might b trippin idk

  3. im confused on how coldhearteds vocals weren’t in the actual song like it was in the snippet after carti said red red, it sounds more plain without it

  4. "oooh noo the community hurt my feelings online, that's why I'm not selling and cancelling group buys" grow up man, dude is pathetic

  5. mfs was asking for leaked songs 😂 i remember tweeting him to release u kan get it, trenches, xtc, etc

  6. it’s called places but yea this what i said too

  7. Homicide is literally 2 secs of vocal

  8. we’ll prolly hear all these sometime in the future except for redd and pain 1993 og verse and pop our pills

  9. dqap says:

    Fuck are posed to know. We got a snippet so somebody prob got it

  10. supah mario prolly one of the only ppl who has it, no leakers have it. so we’ll prolly never hear it in cdq unless it’s released or leaked but i highly doubt mario would leak it cause that could ruin his relationship w carti, he not doing that lol.

  11. jus cause it old don’t mean nun, ppl can call it ass all they want tf. it’s an opinion

  12. No he’s not u fucking goofy, why the hell u bozo retards always assume Carti leaks his own music? He won’t even export new shit outta sessions now cause of how paranoid he is

  13. be happy we getting v2, plus we already getting takin my swag. he could still put up other songs for gb if this gb is as successful as the last one too.

  14. ima be real this shit not leaking …🥲 it’s apparently not up for gb it’s pb

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