1. "SJP's baby smiling at her" is one I've seen several times now, including today... it has been debunked several times too yet keeps coming back

  2. Sorry, I let out the Aiden's baby fart this time. My apologies, newish to the sub, hadn't seen it posted before and just love that scene.

  3. I'm trying to think of other movies in this league, but coming up short. Sense of impending doom, frantic protagonist, that sort of "get it off me, get it out of me" feeling, no one believes them, they look absolutely nuts in public, like you've been marked,

  4. The frantic and sped up walk she did to the car was the creepiest part of that scene.

  5. Carrie must have had the highest credit score possible to be able to buy all of those shoes with credit cards.

  6. The ending of the movie "The mist" (where the US army just blows the mist away and everything's fine again... well, apart from a few people needlessly dying at the end for dramatic effects, of course).

  7. Madison from Malignant is one I’ve thought a lot about. It seems she would go straight to prison because it was her (body) committing the acts. She can’t claim insanity because she’s not. And there is no way to separate Gabriel or ensure he will never come out again. I think Madison’s story could have ended with her running away and sister making sure no one found her. But idk I think it’s interesting!

  8. My thoughts exactly I think she'd be going away for a very long time LOL

  9. I liked the movie, loved the actors and scenes, loved the premise...

  10. I thought 2018 handled it well enough. Sure, he doesn't destroy her outright. She shoots his left hand in a struggle while she's being strangled through a door. When they face off again upstairs, she's still clearly outmatched by him. Any attack of hers just annoys him, where as she gets countered, stabbed, and thrown over the balcony.

  11. Don’t have Michael get arrested right after 78. It both totally undermines the ending of the original and adds all the contrived Sartain shit to explain his escape. Laurie’s trauma would also feel greater if Michael was never apprehended and could strike at any time.

  12. Seriously. Just have him missing. Makes way more sense as to why Laurie was so terrified.

  13. That was ridiculous to me. She didn't even know Nina, and Nina didn't know her. Why did she care so much about the fact that this random woman had made a face at her about Aiden? If she knew that the face didn't represent their entire relationship, that should have been enough for her, rather than having to track this woman down and make her see it from her point of view. I thought it was so funny when Nina just responded "okay" with kind of a WTF look on her face lol. She was probably wondering why Carrie was bothering to even tell all of this to a complete stranger.

  14. How she thought Nina was talking shit about her to celebrities on the set of SNL? 😅😅😅

  15. Yet she was the first one to stand and cheer Carrie on after she got back up.

  16. The temper tantrum he threw about Miranda not wanting a baby was rage inducing due to his sheer close mindedness and idiotic way of thinking.

  17. I know that it's sacred to her, but making someone else swear on something that matters to you but means nothing to them defeats the purpose.

  18. How she beat the cancer only for it to come back with a vengeance. I'm dreading the day we hear of her passing.

  19. Every time I hear a walrus now I think of Miranda and Che going to pound town .

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