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  1. (stealing your liver was unrelated as I was going to do it anyways. However, you are still cringe)

  2. you have over 100k karma you fuckin slob i can hear the grease rolling off of your stomach as you typed that pussy

  3. ok hornyharambe420. did u just like never grow out of middleschool or

  4. uh-uh i do not listen to that mf i just know he sounds like an anime kid

  5. i thought this was a joke about cs:go competitive teams cuz of Na'Vi

  6. boats need water - ricky chix from - joeyy noauto.shed - marlon dubois

  7. if your porn is getting more likes than ur sfw art then that says something about how good ur sfw art is

  8. wheres the part where she makes you eat 6 bowls of chili please tell me you guys also endure this

  9. aint enough cheese on the macaroni but this look good anyways twin

  10. i mean there is irrefutable evidence from the government that they exist so yeah

  11. what if we all collectively said no what was ur game plan (im autistic)

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