1. Preferring to get paid without any work is normal. Choosing to simply not do any work is not normal. Your partner is using you and abusing your generosity. You are paying him for doing no work, it’s easy to see why a selfish person would take advantage of that.

  2. 🔥I say HELL YEAH to what you just wrote!!!🔥 I can’t wait to see the awesome women you raise one day. You are the Mother we all needed growing up.

  3. Have the courage to compliment women and make your shot. You just gotta try! Men are scared to approach women but honestly it’s so important that the Man finds you attractive and thinks you’re worth the pursuit. Just try!!!

  4. Once you accept that this is an addiction, then you will begin to understand that your addiction was a way you dealt with unpleasant feelings as a child. Did you self soothe as a child? Were you neglected or abused? You are the only one who can answer the question of what it is you are Soothing? After you identify your Pain, listen to what it’s telling you you can recognize that the patterns that once served you as a helpless child, no longer serve you as an adult with resources and you can learn new healthy was to self soothe, self care and self love. Healing is a journey and you’ve only just begun. But the good news is hat your not alone. May we surround you in support and encouragement. May our experience lend to our wise counsel and empathy.

  5. No way, I would lay you on the bed and pour oil all over your ass and slide my big tits and soft pussy all over your Scrumptious ass! It’s totally erotic as a woman to grind on a man’s round ass.

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