1. I really hope so. I've been itching for a new album for what feels like an age now. I miss the hype and speculation, cover reveal, track listing and everything that comes with the lead up to a new record. Then, of course, actually getting the record and listening to it several times through!

  2. The thing that sucks is that it’s hard to tell if Nicholson is actually enjoying himself in the picture or not.

  3. OP has some sort of strange vendetta against Zach Levi. He’s got literally dozens of posts in various subs gloating about the movies failure and painting Levi in an unfavorable light.

  4. I’m here for all of it but anyone feel the hardwired production left things a little stale-ish. Don’t hate me. But I feel like that same production is on all this stuff as well. It’s a little too sterile. The drums overpower

  5. I blame the guitar tone. It's fine, but not super interesting. It was good on Hardwired, but I wouldn't have minded a slightly different sound just for variety's sake.

  6. Yeah that’s where I’m at also. I just worry the whole album will blend together too much and not enough stand out moments due to the production

  7. 95% of reload is cheeks. Slither, better than you, carpe diem baby are some of the worst Metallica songs I have ever heard. St anger and lulu are only worse

  8. Those reload songs you named are my favorites on the album lol great thing about Metallica- we all love them but for different reasons!

  9. For those impacted by his awful behavior, I send my sympathy and condolences.

  10. The fact that you tallying every comment upvotes is little nonsense to me,most upvoted comment should be won. Because some people writing the same song just for increase the number of upvote. I just wanted to get it out of my chest.

  11. Agreed, it makes the whole thing pointless because people got to vote multiple times for the same song. Not that this sub needed yet another one of these “vote on the next song each day” things. Thank god it’s finally over.

  12. If it’s such a burden then why participate by commenting at all lol just ignore the posts

  13. The big issue with this album is that Josh stands behind with guitars. They're sometimes not even discernable from the rest. He's such a great guitarist but he didn't stand out in the mix like in albums before of after.

  14. I think the mix on this album is way better than I’m with you. Sick love, goodbye angels, longest wave, Detroit. Love those guitars. But yeah guitar much less prominent

  15. Middle of four horsemen, trapped under ice bridge, devils dance bass line.

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