Death Diving Championship

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  1. I can confirm, I am too pussy to do that shit. I respect their courage.

  2. There’s no deferment right now. Stone of aggression would be amazing though lol

  3. Actually, if you have some invisibility potions it helps a bunch, you can go up and slap the boss a few times and then wait as he shivels to death.

  4. I would have been funny if they put the suitcase on the strecher.

  5. We do in fact have 2 moons, it's just our other moon has such a large orbit, we barley ever see it.

  6. If he would've played it off by laughing insanely and smiling, they would've thought it as a prank.

  7. I was like 2 or so, my neighbor had a pussy I would bet, it was so soft and fluffy, I found out she was a girl when she had kittens, but she was a very nice neighborhood pussy.

  8. My house is cheaper and by far more comfortable than that shit.

  9. What did he do to get arrested? I need some backstory because he looked like he was just standing there.

  10. for the americans thats about $9.50 per gallon

  11. It'd actually be about the same price here, not $9.50 because Eros are worth just slightly more that the US dollar, not 300%+ more.

  12. Colossal benkei because they kill the enemie faster than the enemie can kill them, and at level 50 they have 1 mil health, and do 500k damage to angels.

  13. Fhe thing you said But you can forget it if yu want

  14. You said smtg abt discord but forget it

  15. I think his finger slipped from 6 to 7, so he wrote 375 instead of 365 days

  16. I don't know what I was on but now I can't even follow myself....

  17. My experience with battle cats is being afraid to do any stage and then suddenly finding that I'm too powerful for the stage in my preperation, proceed to fight the stage, beat it with ease, then be scared of the next stage even though I'm too powerful for the stage.......I have a user rank of 11000+..........I continue to do this to this day, not on purpose, but of fear I'll lose for some reason.

  18. I feel that way sometimes, I have 73 ubers, all of whom are true formed and level 30+, 2 legend rares both level 50. And Ive almost trueformed all my other units, just waiting on getting 1 more gold seed. My friend tells me I have one of the most lucky accounts that exist.

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